About Word Count

In this new age of e-publishing, page count has become obsolete. At Underground Book Reviews, we calculate the length of a book by its word count, which the literary industry has done for ages. If you're unfamiliar with this method, check out some classics to get your bearing:
20-40k: Old Man and the Sea & Of Mice and Men
40-60k: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy & Lord of the Flies
60-80k: Catcher in the Rye & The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
80-100k: The Hobbit & To Kill a Mockingbird
100-120k: Gulliver’s Travels & Sense and Sensibility
120-140k: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn & A Tale of Two Cities
140-160k: Oliver Twist & Uncle Tom’s Cabin
160-180k: Grapes of Wrath & Catch-22
180-200k: Great Expectations & Little Women
200-300k: Moby Dick & East of Eden
300-400k: Middlemarch & Anna Karenina
400-600k: Gone With the Wind & Atlas Shrugged

Indie Books in the 40-60k Range:

Pitch Perfect Finalist

PI Charlie Miner, freshly revived from his own murder, and Homicide Detective Dave Putnam follow a series of murders mysteriously described by a psychic.

Jason must choose between his friends and his desire as he is drawn to the dark world of Dolphin Street, an abandoned area where the punks go. There are no rules, only a living nightmare leading to an abandoned house and the crawlspace underneath — a horror he may never escape.

Robyn searches for the ancient gene that supposedly enables humans to communicate with animals. When she stumbles across a strange genetic mutation, Robyn’s world turns upside down. Her boss is, in fact, an operative of the mysterious international organisation, the MRI. Worse, they have dark plans to exploit her discovery.

Dale Cameron Lowry
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Nine of Dale Cameron Lowry’s best short gay romances in one volume. Meet a sign language interpreter who finds love at middle-age, college students in their first relationships, a vegan vampire, and a gay ex-Mormon Bible salesman. From sweet to sensual, this collection exhibits the quirkiness and diversity Dale is known for.

Androgynous fox scientist Argentum combats space pirates, monopolistic corporations, and treacherous activists, desperately trying to survive the numerous assassination attempts in order to find some form of hope for parahumans everywhere.

17-year old Dallas Langdon loves zombie movies. But when she encounters real life (erm, undead) flesh eaters, she must flee to safety with only a giant pizza cutter as a weapon.

Considered for Review

BEETLE BRAIN is a return to the extreme horror genre for two-time Wonderland Award nominee Kevin Strange and FOR SURE one of the sickest, sexiest and brain-bent novels he’s ever written. If you like the messed up shit, DO NOT sleep on BEETLE BRAIN.

How to win an election: 1. Shake hands. 2. Kiss babies. 3. Travel through time.

Jessica always felt she and her husband were a team. Until the day she found out about Charley’s mistress. A bottle of vodka, a quality set of carving knives, and 24 hours later the only question left was… what to do with his head.

Finder is hired to locate charismatic, green-haired Miraluna Rose and discovers a corporation is illegally creating human/animal hybrids and selling them to the rich. To help Miraluna Rose, he calls on an AI, the CEO of the world’s largest advertising company and a posse of highly modded social media stars.