Books: by length

About Word Count

In this new age of e-publishing, page count has become obsolete. At Underground Book Reviews, we calculate the length of a book by its word count, which the literary industry has done for ages. If you're unfamiliar with this method, check out some classics to get your bearing:
20-40k: Old Man and the Sea & Of Mice and Men
40-60k: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy & Lord of the Flies
60-80k: Catcher in the Rye & The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
80-100k: The Hobbit & To Kill a Mockingbird
100-120k: Gulliver’s Travels & Sense and Sensibility
120-140k: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn & A Tale of Two Cities
140-160k: Oliver Twist & Uncle Tom’s Cabin
160-180k: Grapes of Wrath & Catch-22
180-200k: Great Expectations & Little Women
200-300k: Moby Dick & East of Eden
300-400k: Middlemarch & Anna Karenina
400-600k: Gone With the Wind & Atlas Shrugged

Indie Books in the 100-120k Range:

On psyche leave, army captain Fallon Parker has returned from her latest overseas tour with more than just a case file to her name. In the middle of her leave, her sworn protector, Hadwin, takes her to her birth world – a world filled with magic, monsters and a tyrannical queen.

Caught in an epic war between Gods, a headstrong princess is forced into a destiny she wants no part of.

A classic underdog story, perfect for fans of zero-to-hero fantasy adventures filled with magic, mystery, and monsters.

Aging Maddy’s relives poignant memories; growing up during the Great Depression, war traumas, the death of her daughter and unborn grandchild, and yet it is the plane crash that she cannot get out of her head…

In a world of hidden magic and deception, an ancient evil grows ever bold. Can Ealdred, a hated half-breed slave, stop the darkness before it spreads?

Diomedes is back, racing against a cosmic timetable, to save more than humanity from an ancient apocalypse.

A drug addict and a doctor find themselves stuck together in remote Alaska where they’ll either become better men or die trying.

Fahrenheit 451 x Divergent. In the anticipated sequel to the award-winning ‘Resistance’, Otpor has become a warzone of vengeance and retribution. Against this violent backdrop, Anaiya must forge new relationships among those she has betrayed and learn the truth of her Heterodoxy and her shameful past.

Who are you when everything you thought you knew was a lie? Is Stacy the woman she knows herself to be, raised by loving and kind parents? Or is she hiding within a shell she built to protect herself from her own terrible past? Will her search for answers destroy her life as she knows it today?

A fantasy novel in which an alien invasion during WWII has the Allies and the Axis powers fighting in concert to save planet Earth and the novel opens when the protagonist, a Chinese archaeologist, is forced by the Japanese army to raid the tomb of the first king of China.