About Word Count

In this new age of e-publishing, page count has become obsolete. At Underground Book Reviews, we calculate the length of a book by its word count, which the literary industry has done for ages. If you're unfamiliar with this method, check out some classics to get your bearing:
20-40k: Old Man and the Sea & Of Mice and Men
40-60k: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy & Lord of the Flies
60-80k: Catcher in the Rye & The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
80-100k: The Hobbit & To Kill a Mockingbird
100-120k: Gulliver’s Travels & Sense and Sensibility
120-140k: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn & A Tale of Two Cities
140-160k: Oliver Twist & Uncle Tom’s Cabin
160-180k: Grapes of Wrath & Catch-22
180-200k: Great Expectations & Little Women
200-300k: Moby Dick & East of Eden
300-400k: Middlemarch & Anna Karenina
400-600k: Gone With the Wind & Atlas Shrugged

Indie Books in the 120-140k Range:

Zack Matheson
Votes: 0
Murder and corruption in Park City, Utah

J.K. Duval
Votes: 0 Not eligible for review
Daring romantic fiction for those who don’t blush easily

Robb White
Votes: 0
Haftmann risks his life for a runaway teenager.

Samuel Alexander
Votes: 0
Life leaves no choice but to change.

Greg Spry
Votes: 0
The fight for tomorrow begins yesterday.

Floyd Sullivan
Votes: 0
A riveting novel set during a pivotal American era

Suzanne McKenna Link
Votes: 31 Scheduled for Review on December 18, 2017
Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard.

C.L. Jackson
Votes: 0
You're born, you die, and somewhere in between, you die.

E L Parfitt
Votes: 2
In a surreal Scottish village Smith, stalked by the devil, is having a bad week

Adam Vine
Votes: 0
A tale of when living by the sword goes wrong.