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My book, Crimson Forest, became eligible for review today! How exciting!

Elgon Williams:
Elgon Williams, “Becoming Thuperman (Thuperman Trilogy)” “Fried Windows (In a Light White Sauce)”

Part of my live Bookstore and Library visits in Ohio and Indiana. Houston Library is in my old hometown. Other venues will include Cleveland, Columbus and Springfield areas as well as Purdue University’s main library in West Lafayette, Indiana.

When: Thursday, August 23, 2018, 10:00 AM

Where: Houston Library, 5 W Jamestown St, South Charleston, OH, United States 45368

Elgon Williams:
Elgon Williams, “Becoming Thuperman (Thuperman Trilogy)” “Fried Windows (In a Light White Sauce)”

Seminar on Publishing and Book Marketing

When: Wednesday, August 22, 2018, 1:00 PM
Where: Pickerington High School, 300 Opportunity Way, Pickerington, Ohio, United States 43147


Super excited about this!

Jim Stein:

Audio Book production of  my Urban Fantasy Strange Tidings is underway!


I guess I should use this. Get ready for a slog of entries as I link all my blog articles and stuff. Should slow down once I catch up.


What is he up to?

I recently received the Dean’s List award for a previous quarter. I am proud of the awards I’m receiving academically. If you knew how terrible I performed during the grade school years, you would see these current awards similar to miracles.

Honestly, I’m going for a bachelor’s degree because the passion of writing wasn’t supporting as I would like. I figured, if the right side of my brain wasn’t working, what did I have to lose by pushing the left side. It turns out, I’m on track to graduate with honors and it’s a little depressing.

Why? Because I love writing. I love telling stories. It’s the one thing I feel I do automatically, from the heart and genuine. You know what I mean. You can go through life talking to people, trying to be social and do a lot of ‘fake’ things at home, work or play.

With telling a story, it has always been real for me. Something I would do for free, and now that I have that opportunity (because what we do can be freely produced. Freely given), it just doesn’t pay the bills. So, the degree will help solidify a future.

Now, I write because I can, I feel I am good at it (once someone actually reads my work. Getting ‘found’ is hard) it’s soothing and, come what may, I get to tell my children I’ve written a few books, novellas, and short stories AND have a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.

A full life after all.

Now, all I have to do is pay off these bills.


What is he up to?

Finished the book cover for CommonSense: Act II – The Abduction Hunter.

Act I available here

DesktopEpics – Stories You Can Feel since 2004


What is he up to?

Act I is doing well. It’s a good start.
Editing Act II …
Nearing the middle of Act III …
Creating the inner artwork for Act II
Changing the book cover of Act II. The excessively dark motif is annoying me. Going for more of a movie poster feel moving forward.
Discovered Alexa can read my kindle books to me when it’s on my list. An esteem booster to the max when you try it.

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What is he up to?

Editing Act II …
Scripting Act III.
Received the ‘Presidents Award’ for maintaining a 4.0 average. Adding that major bit of positive to his self-esteem.

DesktopEpicsStories You Can Feel since 2004



Enter for a chance to win award winning novel, my life as a country album, in two different giveaways.

Amazon Kindle ebook Sweepstakes ends Nov. 8th

Goodreads signed paperback giveaway  ends Nov. 4th


my life as a country album takes 1st Place for Outstanding Young Adult and 2nd Place Fiction Novel of the Year in the Independent Author Network’s 2017 Book Awards.


Aaron-Michael Hall:

I’m excited to announce that the audio book for Rites of Heirdron is live on audible and the second novel Orbs of Trenihgea is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Blurb: They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother.

Then, they came for him.

After an interplanetary betrayal decimated his world, Zrahnz struggled to protect his people and reclaim his legitimacy as their ruler.

Now, he has received the Rites of Heirdron and vows to defend the Triax planets torn asunder by a corrupt galactic council, and the “shadow whisperers” who have manipulated them all.

With the aid of First Commander Lezayen and his QuNytwanian fleet, Zrahnz must unite the factions that deceived them in the past. The ensuing battle is for more than the survival of Triaxeyn, it’s for the liberation of the galaxy.

You can enjoy an excerpt of the Rites of Heirdron audiobook narrated by Victor Bevine HERE

Aaron-Michael Hall:

The audio book for Rites of Heirdron is finally live on audible! Victor Bevine did a phenomenal job with the narration (as usual). I will be giving away ten free copies soon.


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What a cold, tired day! A book and a hot cup of tea sound simply delightful!

J. Lynn Else:

I’ll be moderating the Historical Fiction group for the upcoming event: Brains2Books on Goodreads.  Be sure to check us out!  We’ve got a lot of great authors and activities during that time including cover wars, live readings, etc.

Aaron-Michael Hall:

Getting stocked up for the coming conventions. 2017 is going to be a busy year!

J. Lynn Else:

The Forgotten by J. Lynn Else

The Forgotten

by J. Lynn Else

Giveaway ends January 14, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway


J. Lynn Else:

It was very exciting to get my first box of “Heir of the Heretic” yesterday.  I’m all set for a couple belated Christmas gifts and my upcoming Goodreads giveaway.  Check Goodreads out starting tomorrow to enter!!

Jim Nesbitt:

Just found out THE LAST SECOND CHANCE has been named an Underground Book Reviews TOP PICK, thanks to reviewer Anita Lock’s nomination, making it eligible for UBR’s Novel of The Year competition. Many thanks, Anita and the UBR posse. And the clock is still ticking on the Nov. 14-21 Kindle Countdown Deal…

Bill Kieffer:

The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim is now a Pitch Perfect Pick!

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