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YOU NEED THE BEST COVER…the cover is often the first point of contact a reader has to your book and I can create the magic that makes your book the one they pick up first!

My name is Judith, and I am a Graphic Designer based in Barcelona, Spain.
I am passionate about my craft and work closely with my clients to create the magic they expect from a graphic artist. I believe that collaborative imagination is boundless, and I specialize in creative processes that bring my clients’ imagination to life.
I have vast experience in cover art, so if you are searching for a creative professionalfor your Book Cover, or Movie Poster, or Album Cover, I am certain that you will find my work meets the high standards of quality and attention to detail that you seek.
Attention, cooperation, and intuitiveness are hallmarks of JudithSDesign&Creativity.
I offer competitive rates and meet my commitments.
Please take a few minutes to view my website.
You will like what you see.

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