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A general pricing chart is available at the link provided. For longer pieces I will need to conduct a free chapter assessment of your writing before giving you an offer for my fees. This varies because some new authors have spent a significant amount of time honing their writing craft and do not need as many comments to explain my editing suggestions, where as other authors are just starting out and may require a more detailed coaching approach.

Stylistic/Line Editing: Clarify meaning, improve flow via sentence structure, and refine language choices.  Infinite Pathways will look at how you construct a paragraph and phrase your sentences making suggestions toward active, clear, and tight writing in narrative prose.  The editor will consider your use of dialogue and aid with natural flow and speaking patterns to give your characters a realistic and authentic feel.  She will also consider the length of your paragraphs and sentences to make sure your work doesn’t drag or race ahead unwarranted, and analyse your vocabulary and word choice to make note of any cumbersome imagery, and identify cliché, and colloquialisms used outside of a character construct.

Copy Editing: Ensure correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness.  Infinite Pathways will look specifically at your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage to make certain you are saying what you mean to say according to standard English usage.  The editor will examine your work for language consistencies between Canadian and American usage, the use of proper nouns, as well as the maintenance of hyphenated or compound words throughout (e.g. AM vs. am vs. A.M. vs. a.m. in reference to the morning hours).

Proofreading: Examine final printed manuscript in order to correct errors in textual and visual elements.  Using an editorial style sheet (the consistent markings used to denote where a capital letter is needed or where there is a tense shift in your writing, etc.)  The editor will look at the overall manuscript detail like header, title, chapter sequencing, line breaks, pagination, and margins to eliminate mistakes and errors in formatting.  She will consider your design specifications regarding font, sizing, paragraph alignment and other irregularities in the layout.

Creative Content Critique: A general assessment of the creative piece. Infinite Pathways’ editor will supply you with a summary of her impression looking at both its merits and discrepancies. Depending on the length of your creative work (short poem, short story, novel, etc.) you will receive feedback anywhere from a ½ a page to 5 pages approximately. This will allow you to consider the effectiveness of major elements and conduct re-writes as necessary.

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