Historic Fiction

Dive into a world filled with murder, mystery, and a magical circus. A girl on the run from London’s greatest detective must find her way to freedom. Will she be able to do what is necessary to leave her past behind?

Aging Maddy’s relives poignant memories; growing up during the Great Depression, war traumas, the death of her daughter and unborn grandchild, and yet it is the plane crash that she cannot get out of her head…

Megan Travels to regency era by accident. Everything might have rum smoothly had she not a tattoo on her back. Now, most of the people thinks she is some sort of demon. Feeling alone and scared, Tristian give her shelter and so begins their story. In the beginning Megan could hardly tolerate his sarcastic remarks but as time passes, she starts to see him in a new light

It’s been a thousand years since the last war against the Beast. Now, the serpent is awake again, and the armies of Gog and Magog are on the march. If they are not stopped, the world will be enslaved by the dragon. The end of days is near.

Despite the waves of pain, I tried to rise to my feet before sinking to my knees. I heard an odd humming sound and lifted my throbbing head to glance at the stranger where the sound originated. It emanated from a French Dragoon Cavalry flintlock pistol in the stranger’s hand. I have never seen a pistol altered in such a manner that defied description. A small featureless box rested in place of where one pulls back the hammer before pulling the trigger. Copper wires ran from the box and coiled around the barrel before disappearing into the muzzle. Using the tree as a crutch, I stumbled to Robert, but Mrs. Dunn intercepted me and pushed me to the side where the pain from my stomach infliction coursed through my body.

As Naval Intelligence officer Tom Belvoir negotiates the corridors of power he hears murmured talk of surrender. Desperate times require desperate measures, and the ultimate sacrifice, in a plot to change the course of history. But what secrets can still be dangerous 70 years later?

A peculiar explorer and downtrodden acrobat span the globe on a building-sized hot air balloon, in search of a precious artifact and the murderous treasure hunter who seeks it.

England, 1348. The Black Death, medieval surgery, a physician monk & the Mortecarni. Good v evil isn’t always black & white.

The Blue Gypsy is a spectacular Caribbean pearl that has been in the Williams family for over 400 years. For 13 generations The Blue Gypsy travels with Buccaneer Thomas Williams’ descendants, who revere and treasure the pigeon egg-sized pearl. However, the bloody history in which it was acquired follows it.

England’s King Edward I schemes to steal Scotland. But a young warrior named James Douglas, inspired by a headstrong lass, champions the cause of his wavering friend, Robert the Bruce, to lead the armies to the bloody field of Bannockburn. A thrilling saga set during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Melody Delgado
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Underground Title

When Prince Valdemar befriends Anika, a common farmer’s daughter, it enrages the powerful Paxel clan who had the kingship taken from them years before and think he should marry one of them.

James is doing his best to fit in at Whisperwood School for Boys, while discreetly trying to court the aloof, opium-addicted William. But something dark is happening, something involving apparitions and missing students. James is determined to find out what secrets Whisperwood is hiding…hopefully without becoming the next victim.

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‘The Mystery of Julia Episcopa’ weaves seamlessly between modern-day Rome and the politics of the Catholic church, and the times and life of a 1st-century Roman noblewoman who rose to be a dominant force in the early Christian movement.

In flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente, the freshly orphaned and forward-thinking daughter of the local fortune teller, has goals. She has ambitions. But when faced with a future she hasn’t planned, she has second thoughts–and casts her community into a stagnant bubble of time.

“The Tagibi Prophecy, Volume 1: The Chronicles of Theo is an epic fantasy adventure, a thought-provoking tale of a young warrior and his meeting with a heroic young woman, each from very different worlds. United by a common cause, the pair of unlikely heroes raise an army to defend Kiow from an enemy, the like of which they have never seen before

Sparks fly when recent widow Henrietta discovers her childhood nemesis Collan has been sent by her relatives to watch over her after she buys a cabin in rugged frontier Colorado.

Sparks fly when recent widow Henrietta discovers her childhood nemesis Collan has been sent by her relatives to watch over her after she buys a cabin in rugged frontier Colorado.

A mild mannered historian, a ruthless power hungry witch and an old man with a remarkable secret. When their lives intersect the results are deadly. The Guardian: A tale of love, revenge and magic.

Blood in the Sand is billed as the first in a series, and it lays a very solid foundation, introducing characters in great detail and informing the reader of the djinn and other truths about witches and wiccans. On the surface, it’s a story about a rivalry between two university staff who are vying for the same position. Beneath the surface, it’s a story of a witch who desires immortality, to be worshipped like a god, and an unassuming man who is most comfortable with facts established through documents and research and evidence, who finds his whole life turned upside down when his research introduces him to a djinn.

Blood in the Sand isn’t one thing for one type of reader. There are long passages related to history that inform Dr. Philip Entwhistle’s research, although many scenes only peripherally relate to the djinn and the larger matters at hand. It’s a testament to the author’s willingness to develop each character and part of the book in great detail, and while some of it is necessary to make Philip a believer in the djinn, some readers may be impatient with the amount of time spent in the past. Much of the drama surrounding the contemporary plot line unfolds in the last third of the book. I do find myself wondering what the balance will be in subsequent books in the series, because the reader now has an established understanding of how things work with the djinn and who the main characters are. I imagine the payoff will be subsequent installments that expand that world-building and move at a swift pace.

There’s a lot to like in this story. I really enjoyed the friendship between Philip and James, and it was nice to read a story that was more focused on people becoming friends rather than on characters entering a romance. There is a bit of romance in this story, but it is very much a minor subplot at this stage of the series. This book will be ideal for people who have a love of history, interest in mystical beings, and who are patient readers more focused on spending time with characters to get to know them well.

Review by The Guardian – Blood in the Sand

Lucas Westbrooke (born Lucy) walked away from the family who couldn’t accept him, vowing never to return. Rebecca Westbrooke devoted her life to caring for her father’s ranch. But when buried secrets threaten the present, estranged siblings must find a way to work together – before they become the next victims.

Sparks fly when a recent widow, Henrietta, discovers her childhood nemesis, Collan, has been sent by her relatives to watch over her after she buys a cabin in rugged frontier Colorado.

A Roman tribune with the detective skills of a Sherlock Holmes. Two thousand years before Holmes’ birth.

Divine Choreography of Redemption is set beyond the Storied Sea on the ancient Isle of Estillyen, far from everywhere yet mystically near. At the heart of the novel, a battle brews between technology’s driven existence—aided by modern devices and algorithms—and life centered in Scriptures ancient narrative. Does meaning truly abide in the saga of redemption’s divine choreography, or in media’s discarnate realm?

The German Messenger is a historical thriller, a spy story set during the First World War. It involves violence, sex, and betrayal. Its hero, Harry Draffen, polyglot man of violence, leaves a trail of death and failure as he chases a mysterious messenger.

Darlene Jones is a fifteen-year-old African-American teenage girl living in Durham, North Carolina in 1940. She has an ordinary life, but things become complicated as her sexual identity comes into question when she meets a White girl, nineteen-year-old Rose.Their bond threatens their relationships with their friends and families as well.

It’s 1966. Angie Finley has a lot on her plate – the Women’s Right’s Movement, school integration, the Vietnam War, a cocky anti-war activist, a sexy jock. The 1960s comes alive in this novel about a teen-age girl struggling to make sense of the social upheaval around her.

Strong writing and story-telling by a capable author who transports the reader back to the 1960s with depth, clarity and humor. Angie is a witty, likeable protagonist who has a heart for others and a mind of her own. She is a feminist being raised by a mother who has a 1950s view of women, which frustrates Angie. While the story deals with meaty topics of racial injustice,  women’s rights and the Vietnam war, with clever brush strokes, as the story goes on, it also begins to touch on several other social issues, which makes it feel, at times, as if the author has thrown in ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. It then focuses less on Angie’s story and borders on becoming more of a diatribe on every cause out there. Also, the character arc was a bit disjointed at times. Angie behaved in a passive-aggressive manner with her family and boyfriend, regarding her own life, but showed bravery and courage when dealing with the plights of others, even people she didn’t know very well. This led to moments where Angie’s actions and those of her mother, didn’t feel believable. There were also minor characters that were introduced in the beginning and crucial to the ending, but because they did not appear in the middle of the book, or did not appear much after that, it was hard to remember who they were. This caused the climax and ending to lose a bit of steam.

Overall, a well-told, engaging story with a strong sense of time and place. Fans of Historical Young Adult novels or novels dealing with social issues, will enjoy this book.

Review by A Daffodil for Angie

Lady Changeling – to defeat a monster from her past, she must completely destroy the man she loves. A mix of high fantasy and gothic romance with a touch of Lovecraftian horror.

I really liked this book and the universe it’s set in. The whole thing reads likes the perfect Historical Urban Fantasy.

I read it swiftly, carried it to bed, never left it behind in a restaurant, and general kept it with me until it was finished.

I was really impressed with the characters of Eric and Theodora, especially the richness and drama of Eric’s past as it became part of the story. I enjoyed his internal struggle as he tried to fight against loving his wife upon discovering secret after betrayal after secret. I loved his interactions with his man, March.

Theodora was impressive, too, attempting to stay true to both her mission and her love for Eric and the children. Steadiness and forthrightness isn’t a trait one expects in a fae. Indeed, Lady Changeling seemed as surprised at her deep love as her fairy friends thought she’d fallen for her own illusions.

The only negative was perhaps the dialogue and Eric’s attitudes seemed a little too modern. There was little in anyone’s speech that spoke to me of the late 19th century, but I would much rather have modern slang and American spellings than an overworked attempt to create the proper English of the period.

Otherwise, I look forward to returning to this universe. I see that there’s a sequel: Changelings at Court. It’ll be part of my next buying spree, assuming my wife doesn’t buy it for me first.

Review by Lady Changeling

Pinkerton agents Jasper Longley and Cole Owens fight to keep supernatural beings from wreaking havoc on the western frontier. On a routine vampire hunt they discover a relic that sets them on a quest to stop a demon. They will stop at nothing to end its reign of terror.

A work of historical fiction set in the Sepoy Mutiny against the British in 1857 India. Love and Mutiny explores the unfolding of the Sepoy Mutiny—referred to as the First War of Indian Independence—from the perspective of a British family that has made its home in India.

The Crimson Heirlooms. One tangible – a priceless necklace called the Cross of Nantes. The other ephemeral – a secret hidden within the lyrics of a song. Each holds the power to change the course of history. But together, the price of ownership is death or salvation.

Murder is on the list of gifts this holiday season. At least it is when you’re apart of the deadliest gang in town. When young Anuaka’s family discovers her involvement with the local criminals, they give her an ultimatum. Get out of the gang or get out of their lives. However, removing herself from the gang is inconceivable. The only way out is death.

Murdered by a wanted outlaw and resurrected by a secret inventor in the basement of a brothel, U.S. Marshal James “Bodacious” Creed must find the killer to protect a city and those he loves.

An old Beatles badge accidentally sends Charlie Lowe and her 19th century companion Shaun Deeley back to Swinging London in 1965. Nothing could prepare them for a wild Carnaby Street adventure featuring a boutique with a double life, an exclusive all-night party and some very dangerous spies!

Attracted to the exotic mystery of Warlord Era China? Relish forbidden love in the midst of revolution? Adore political intrigue and heroes/heroines overcoming impossible odds to survive only to be betrayed by someone close and trusted? Then you’ll love The Dragon Of Hidden Treasures, Book 1!

Those who read romantic stories full of adventure and intrigue will enjoy this story. The reader is immediately pulled in from the very first page. Excellent writing, with attention to details, that makes the characters and setting leap off the page. The characters are vivid and unique and the story feels original also. The story is also full of twists, turns and betrayals.
There were a few spots that could have used a few editing brush strokes to make the women more believable in their actions at the beginning. At times, Kathryn and her mother figure, or Amah, seemed a bit too accommodating, even for the times, and perhaps could have  protested the actions of the male figures more. But this did serve to show the reality of the times and location, where women had little say in anything, including their own lives. At other times, the pace was so fast, the main characters had to solve problem after problem.

Fans of fast-paced romantic suspense, adventure stories, war dramas and the works of Amy Tan will enjoy this novel. There are disturbing images as well as scenes of graphic violence. This is also book 1 in a series, so the ending is not resolved.

Review by Melody Delgado

Three heiresses…three novels like no other. An unforgettable, sweeping saga of romance, passion and history rooted in tales of maritime suspense…

A coming of age tale set during the Vietnam era

What if Fanny Price decided to run away from Mansfield Park? An engaging and dramatic variation on Jane Austen’s classic novel.

Every one of us is more than one person. There is the façade we show the world and the inner self, the instinctive creature that ultimately determines our behaviors. Some, favoured with a benign inner voice, are fortunate. Others must answer the murmurings of their dark angels.

Two immortals and a ghost attempt to solve mysteries new and old.

Period Romantic Adventure

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In the middle of Nazi Germany, Megan Shepherd must learn to hide in plain sight. But when an escaped POW breaks into her bathroom, Megan is faced with a polarizing choice; to help him and risk being discovered or to turn him over and keep up appearances.

Ten-year-old French singer Nicolas de Beaulieu seems to have it all in the rigours of the 1930s, but as he grows up, he becomes no stranger to grief. World War II begins and Nicolas and the girl he loves find themselves in deadly peril, hunted by the Nazis.

Those who like plot driven suspense novels that cover many years, include a number of characters in the plot, or readers of sweet historical romance, will enjoy this story. It is reminiscent of THE SOUND OF MUSIC in that it is a story of a musical family who must interrupt their lives in order to deal with the war and also contains a love story as a subplot.

This story is not for those who enjoy character driven novels, as one of the weaknesses was character development. The story was told from multiple points of view so it was difficult to know who to root for. There was also a bit of confusion in the first few chapters because the point of view changed so often. Once the novel was in full swing, a few chapters in, it was easy to see where the story was headed and the story line and characters were easier to keep track of.

Review by Melody Delgado

Claiming to be a prince of a lost tribe of Israel, a showman promises a crusade to crush the Muslim invasion, but for now, the food and beds are warm, the ladies plump and willing.

Aug 12, 1961, Berlin Germany. Nationale Volksarmee soldiers roll barbed wire across the war-torn city to create the first Berlin Wall. Families are separated, livelihoods destroyed, death comes easily as crippling fear paralyzes the occupants on both sides of the wall.

A larger-than-life tale of one man’s courage, sacrifice, and unyielding defiance to fight for his peoples’ freedom against those that would take it, and in this great struggle he finds friendship with three alien beings fallen to Earth that stand with him.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Allie Morton rents a quiet lake cabin to sort herself out after an abusive marriage. A ghost from two hundred years ago doesn’t come into her plans.

Spanning three generations of seafarers, colonists and adventurers, The Greenlanders brings the ancient Icelandic sagas to life and illuminates them from an unexpected angle.

In 1842, Catriona, unwilling to be left behind by Dougal McDonnell, disguises herself as a boy to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Within a few days of landing at York Factory, Dougal is ordered west to the Pacific Northwest – abandoning Cat. Will she cross Canada to find her husband?

An English Lieutenant fights for his soul during WWI. A refugee nurse fights for her very survival. Less than a mile from the grisly trenches of France, their paths cross and their destinies intertwine. Can love survive a world shattered by war, greed, and the lust for power?

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Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil… Harry Wentworth’s bill just came due.

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In 1988, ADA Frank Corda battles the emergence of crack cocaine in once-affluent Washington Heights. Inspired by true events, and alternating between intrigue and action, Fallen City captures an iconic era in the history of NYC and paints a human story on the canvas of one of its biggest challenges.

The cholera outbreak leaves Emma Belden an orphan with two young siblings to care for. Left with few options, she is forced to enter the workhouse. Her beauty and naivety a target, she will be compelled to make a decision between the safety of her family and her own virtue.

The peaceful life of 17th century New England Puritan farmer Adam Green is ripped apart when he finds a television set in the woods.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A pacey romp through a peculiarly technologically advanced Victorian society. A naïve but affable officer in the British Army finds himself embroiled in an epic conspiracy that spans the entire solar system, encountering a cast of amusing, terrifying and downright infuriating characters as he does so.

1882 Scotland. The auld alliance betwixt king and fey is long forgotten. As half-fey Effie of Glen Coe struggles against the greed of mighty lords and to escape the clutches of the queen’s minions, she is thrust into the one place she dreads most—the center of it all.

A soldier makes a desperate escape across the mountains of Korea. The woman in his path will change everything. An epic story, from World War II to the Korean War, of romance, war and the fight to build a future.

Read the first steamy Regency historical romance novel in the Tumbling Green series by great new author L. L. Neal.

Against the day of national collapse a heavily-armed military unit sleeps in cryogenic storage, to be awakened when needed. But It never got the call. Now America may be dead, with warlords ruling the ruins, but Nick Angriff will kick their ass to resurrect his beloved country.

Franz Schubert – genius and ladies’ man…or a composer whose dark secrets play out against the background of Metternich’s police state.

Hans and his lewd companion Herman have to take down an Alien-Nazi conspiracy!

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What is Victorian England without its iconic Queen? Fans of gaslamp fantasy won’t want to miss out on this lighthearted YA steampunk adventure that follows a new and unexpected Queen of England. 

In the first book of the Merchant Blades series, come on a swashbuckling adventure, battling through snow-covered mountains, across deserts and into pyramids, into the lavish balls of the Duchy of Pella, and onwards with sword fights, battling wolves and giant snakes, and confronting the formidable Queen of the Night!

This is a noir style novel full of Hollywood history, mystery, murder and suspense. Pick up a copy today, and see why all the reviews are 5 stars!

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In 16th-century Fez, a dying woman hands her granddaughter a gold ring—and a secret. Five hundred years later, Alma Ben-Ami journeys to Madrid with her unlikely companion Manuel Aguilar to fulfill her ancestor’s dying wish; as their friendship threatens to cross sacred boundaries, their research reveals a shocking surprise.

In 16th-century Fez, a dying woman hands her granddaughter a gold ring—and a secret. Five hundred years later, Alma Ben-Ami journeys to Madrid with her unlikely companion Manuel Aguilar to fulfill her ancestor’s dying wish; as their friendship threatens to cross sacred boundaries, their research reveals a shocking surprise.

Historical fiction following the struggles of Harry Pulliam, a gay baseball executive, during a turbulent and oppressive era in American history. Team owners put their own greed ahead of the integrity of the game and threaten Pulliam with exposure and prison.

Considered for Review

Diana Forester’s courtship becomes difficult when her younger siblings become involved. She finds herself dealing with her own feelings, her sister, her younger brother, jealous members of a house party, a jilted suitor, and a highwayman as she falls in love with the charming Mr. Richfield.

Mary weds Ward Jr., heir to the well-to-do Wangerts of Indianapolis. Together they raise three sons and negotiate a rocky path through the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. A tragicomic mix of upper-crust romance, sibling warfare, boarding school drama, and C.I.A. skullduggery.

Lily’s Story follows the amazing life of a redoubtable pioneer woman in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Lily perseveres in the face of incredible odds and the effects of historical events: wars, rapacious capitalists, unfeeling politicians and the great influenza pandemic of 1919..

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Japanese immigrant Harry Shikita dreams of becoming a successful businessman But Harry has a problem: the trolls, who want to find their way back to God through their Redeemer. The trolls think Harry’s their guy, but he’s on his own quest. Will Harry become the trolls’ bridge to God’s grace?

An epic adventure romance, a young woman’s spirituality odyssey and a mystical tale of destiny and redemption. Set against the background of the Lebanese civil war, Leila survives the Shatilla Camp massacre of 1982 and follows a desperate plan to freedom.

1897. Christine learns her illness stems from paranormal visions. Her sister Allie, the family heir, seeks a noble match while she searches the occult for answers. But the only witch who can help won’t unless Allie marries her beau, an impoverished aristocrat, so the illicit pair can share Allie’s wealth.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Set in Monte Carlo in 1914. Lily Turner is young woman who wants a career as a female detective. Paul Newcastle is a mid-level grifter about to age out of the game. Their paths meet when they are conscripted into investigating events surrounding a death at a local hotel.

The Pharaoh’s Cat, a tragicomic fantasy narrated in the present tense by the cat himself, tells of a free-spirited, wise-cracking stray in ancient Egypt who suddenly acquires human powers and immediately captivates the young Pharaoh, making him laugh for the first time since his parents’ death.

The Eye of Nefertiti is both a stand-alone novel and a sequel to The Pharaoh’s Cat. The time-traveling ancient Egyptian feline with human powers returns together with his beloved Pharaoh and his close friends, the High Priest of Amun-Ra and Elena, an Egyptologist’s daughter. The cat is quick-witted, wise-cracking narrator as well as free-spirited, ever-curious protagonist, and the story he tells is an exotic, imaginative, spell-binding tragicomedy.

He sees her. Watches her every move and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lady Victoria is his key to salvation; she has no idea what storm is coming her way. I am Ezra Stone, and I always get what I want.

Adventures ensue, and world building happens, and there are demons and other interesting things. All of this would have been fine, but for a need for editing and a troubling relationship between the main characters.

Review by Dark Sonata

Scheduled for Review on July 3, 2017

After five campers are hacked to death in their sleep in a national park campground, FBI Special Agent Cal Bocock learns nothing is as it seems at Elkmont. Bocock and his companions are pitted against an ancient evil that has been haunting the mist shrouded mountains since colonial days.

Raina stole from powerful people. Now those people want to use her magical gifts for their own ends, and they’re not about to give her a choice. In a world where science has conquered magic, real power lies in taming both. Raina will not be tamed.

A time-slip tale, part ghost story, part romance as two cousins, Tatiana and Marcus set out to discover the fate of an ancestor killed during the terror of the French Revolution. Their search leads them to a French Chateau, a snow-bound labyrinth and the Paris catacombs.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

The Reich of Renegades is an alternative history saga like none other, with action spanning from the battle scarred port of Dunkirk, to the hot and dusty streets of Jerusalem, from Albert Speer’s colossal Welthauptstadt Germania project, to the bleak ruins of war-torn Warsaw and the partisan infested forests of Belorussia.

Scheduled for Review on November 5, 2018

A Sherlock Holmes adventure that finds the great detective trying to solve a mystery created by Michelangelo, 400 years earlier.

During a time when there was more change and unrest than any other period in Egyptian history, 12-year-old Ankhesenamun became Queen over the most powerful nation of the ancient world. She was more than just a pharaoh’s wife. When sacrifices had to be made, she gave with everything she had.

For fans of historical fiction, specifically that based on the ancient Egypt civilization, and readers who like stories based on an untold figure in history, this book may just find you delightfully surprised.

Review by The Forgotten: Aten’s Last Queen

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Set during the turbulent ‘Amarna’ period and told through Princess Merytaten’s voice, “Heir of the Heretic” tells the story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s revolutionary monotheistic reign and its consequences. As public unrest builds, Merytaten works to prevent her father’s disastrous rule from destroying her country and those she holds dear.

Praise for Dance With Destiny: This romance novel takes some risks and pulls them off beautifully. In Outlander fashion, Susannah is married when she falls in love with Lone Wolf, and we see her–in love–with both men, which adds a special tension to the conflict.

Second edition of best selling war novel–incorporates veterans’ comments and new historical information. Young man comes of age during bloody combat and aftermath of war. Accurate history, engaging story, the bad and the good, warm and funny.

Public Information was a highly enjoyable, detailed read on the Korean War. It gives the reader a real sense of what it was like in the war with lovable characters to root for and a great feeling of years gone by. History buffs and fans of war fiction will love this novel, but the war scenes are not very graphic and the novel incorporates enough humor to make it accessible for a wider audience. A very solid, albeit long, read.

Review by Public Information

Naive young soldier arrives in war-torn Korean in 1952 and is assigned to a combat Public Information Office. He grows up through 16 months of love, war, comedy, loss, and redemption. A fresh take on journalism, the Korean War, young love, and black humor.

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In ‘Time Lies’, a devious mystery-thriller set in Cold War Germany, a reluctant serial killer realises he has been murdering the wrong people. But there is hope for him yet…

Station At Diablo is a novel that beings around the time of the American Civil War. It’s a coming of age story, but also contains a lot of introspection and insight in to the origins of border relations between Mexicans and North Americans. It will fascinate whoever reads it.

In the aftermath of a major hurricane, something has washed up on the shore of the Hudson…a nightmare that will unleash havoc on the citizens of Wyvern Falls.

Written by members of an ancient monastic sect, the Temple Scroll described the life of saintly societies living in the Judean desert. The story of this ancient document interacts with a love affair involving a young Jewish woman and a British officer in the years immediately preceding World War II.

A time travel adventure into Tudor times, set at Greenwich Palace in 1535. Henry VIII is King and survival is a matter of hard work and using your wits…

Pitch Perfect Finalist

In 1941, a ghost only he can see terrorizes Maxo Vanka as he paints murals in a Pittsburgh church during the midnight hours. Vowing to identify the specter alone, he realizes he needs help when the church is damaged. Enlisting Father Zagar, they scramble to find answers before catastrophe strikes.

Scheduled for Review on August 7, 2017

A dead German in a whorehouse bed. A bloated corpse in a Mississippi bayou. A mysterious notebook filled with unknown codes and hand drawn maps. A Mafia Don helping the Allies. A challenge the code-breaking talents at Bletchley Park. A Nazi plot to sabotage the production of Higgins landing craft.

Carriers of Genius: Conversations with the Mothers of Twelve Famous Men examines the lives of Disney, Einstein, Franklin, Gershwin, Hughes, Rockwell, Rogers, Roosevelt, Whitman, Wright, Astaire and Carver through the eyes of their mothers. Told in interview format, it reminds us that we don’t get places alone.

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It is little known, but well documented that young Calamity Jane went begging in the streets of her frontier town one cold night in 1864. This story starts there, then follows with a tale that she might have told you, if she thought you would believe it..

Olivia Davenport makes an impetuous to sneak on a mission with the knights. When her deception is revealed, she is sent home in disgrace. An unexpected turn of events puts her at the center of a dangerous plot against the King, putting both her life and her heart at risk.

With action-packed scenes, a strong (albeit imperfect) female protagonist and set in a well-developed world, this story is for those who want a light and refreshing read about being brave enough not to live up to what others expect you to be and forging your own path. Readers who are looking for an extremely empowering female character, wholly perfect and strong, will not find one here. But if a flawed and relatable teenage protagonist is right up your alley, then this book is for you.

Review by Not Every Girl

When her dreams of becoming a knight are shattered, Olivia finds herself thrust into palace life where intrigue abounds. She must use her training and instincts to protect the King from a new threat, all while trying to ensure her love with the prince will prevail.

Based on the first six chapters of the Bible, this is the rest of the story. It is the story of ecstasy and sorrow, of love and hate, and of war and peace. Rediscover Adam, Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah.

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A tale of the Weird Wild West and those who lived it.

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A fictional biography of a legendary 17th century queen who resisted Portuguese colonization for 40 years.

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An ancient evil lies within the stone, feasting on innocent souls. Two years ago, the retired FBI contractor, Carter, had a chance to kill it and didn’t. Second chances are hard to get….

Britain, 1934. Hester Blake, an ambitious girl from an industrial Northern town, finds a job as a lady’s maid in a small aristocratic household. In the cold isolation of these new surroundings, Hester ends up hopelessly besotted with her young mistress, Lady Lucy.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A historical thriller about an occult scholar, an aspiring artist, and an Irish immigrant investigating mythology-themed murders in Paris, 1888.

Code Name: Scarlet chronicles one mission, two love stories, and a battle to save the world. This is a modern-day novel that could have been pulled from the newspapers.

In rural Depression-era Alabama, 14-year-old Ruby Graves must face poverty, racial barriers, and a pastor bent on her destruction in order to find the faith she needs to unlock a mysterious gift of healing.

Don’t let “Christian novel” stop you from diving into the first book in Jennifer H. Westall’s Healing Ruby series. Yes, the story includes quotes from scripture, references to God, and a whole lot of praying, but these elements are squares in a patchwork quilt of skillfully expressed details that make this historical tale engaging, moving and illuminating.

Westhall has created well-drawn characters and dialogue so natural that it makes the reader feel like an eavesdropper. The plot’s (very) occasional lags are worth overlooking because of the reflective residue it leaves behind, giving Healing Ruby staying power that lingers long after the final chapter ends.

Review by Healing Ruby

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When she married the man she’d loved all her life, it was like a dream come true But somebody wants to see that the Russells’ romance doesn’t have a happy ever after. At twenty-one, is Thomazine too old to still believe in fairytales?

With the Spartans in pursuit, 14 year old Dip must race to save his friends and fulfill his oracle. Dip’s fate and that of Athens and the rest of the Greek city-states depends on him outracing the Spartans and even Apollo himself.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Revolutionary young samurai with dirigibles take on Commodore Perry and his Black Ships in this alternate history steampunk technofantasy set in 1850s samurai-era Japan.

Ex-marine returns to modern-day Vietnam to shoot tourism videos of the now prosperous country when he falls for a beautiful woman with a dark secret that could destroy the country.

The Last Great American Magic reimagines the legend of Tecumseh, a physically gifted warrior, and his twin brother Rattle, a wickedly smart but lazy prophet. Growing up, the boys are rivals, but in adulthood they reconcile to form a confederacy of Native American tribes and fight the advance of settlers.

THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN MAGIC is a worthy read and holds broad appeal for any who enjoy historical or literary fiction, romance and even fantasy. It is a beautifully written, quality novel and worthy of the title TOP PICK.

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West Barrington, a musician from 1926 Harlem, awakes in 2016 Harlem after falling asleep on the eve of 1927. During West journey in the future he discovers the reason behind his time travel.

Considered for Review

Lily Wright craves freedom in a time when men control women’s destiny. She flees her cruel husband and heads to Colorado, but finds brutality and vice in the fool’s paradise of the 1870s Wild West. Independence will cost Lily everything, unless she finds the courage to make her own destiny.

After unearthing a plot that would kill hundreds of innocent people and bring London to its knees Jacob Wrayburn, along with his new employer Mycroft Holmes and young American nurse Faith Hobson, enters a dangerous world he never knew existed and must use all his wits to survive.

In his fifteenth year of rule, King Uther Pendragon – High King of all the Celtic Tribes – is set on a quest by the druids of Mona, to brave the winter seas. But none can realize what this quest will release within their king, and what events will unfold.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Be transported back to the Dark Ages; to a time when Britain lay in shadows, deserted by the Romans. When the Saxons invade at the invitation of Vortigern—the tribes must unite in order to reclaim their land. One among them must rise and be crowned as their rightful King.

Oubliette — A Forgotten Little Place consists of interwoven stories with paranormal twists. An epic adventure, it spans nearly two millennia. Oubliette delivers blow after blow of mystery, horror, and suspense. This thriller seeps into your soul and doesn’t let go. In the end, as you’re begging for mercy, you’ll also be begging for more.

A Parisian party girl uncovers four lost and found stories related to a tarot deck from 1389. This book is a hybrid novel, swinging across Europe between history, mystery and fantasy. It will leave you amazed at the possibilities it unfurls, intrigued by the history of the tarot and staggered at revelations you might develop a taste for.

Samantha lived a peaceful life on her family’s estate. However, when her brother disappears, Samantha faces an unwilling guardian, Benjamin, who finds himself falling for Samantha’s unique demeanor. However, when they discover Edward’s death was murder, Benjamin’s perfect plan unravels and Samantha is quickly running out of time.

Crowley is back…here along the Hudson River with the Sacred Order of the New Golden Dawn.

By Summers Last Twilight, with only a few omissions of the more graphic descriptions, could have easily been billed as a Stranger Things style YA adventure. As it stands, with plenty of sex and violence throughout, the novel is an unapologetic thrill ride for those who have a taste for the supernatural.

Review by Steve Wetherell

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A young, well-meaning Sardinian, Giovanni Sacchettini, goes west and comes of age against the 1876 Who’s Who of the Wild West. It’s historical fiction wrapped in barbed wire … with many barbs.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Based on actual people and events known to the 92-year-old author, this romance novel covers five decades of the love affair between a flamboyant woman and her vibrant city. She transforms from reckless teenager, to divorced single-parent, to successful entrepreneur, and ultimately becomes an eccentric relic of a by-gone era.

Julia MacAllistair, a young singer, had always believed in the power of music. But she never imagined that music could literally take her places–that is until she played the music in the box. Will Julia ever see her home again? Can she return from her Song Journey?

The Song Journey is a beautiful and intriguing story of time travel, love, loss and family, with an invigorating backdrop of social history and music. Singer Julia MacAllistair receives a unique gift from her great-grandmother Etty before she dies. Five sheets of music which are able to transport her back in time. Five adventures await her, where she will meet members of her own family, and face danger in war torn Vietnam, as well as true love in 1940’s New Zealand. A beautifully evocative and visual book about the power of music, with a wonderfully strong narrative voice and characters to remember. Readers who enjoy romance, adventure and historical novels will enjoy this book immensely. 

Review by Chantelle Atkins

Franklin and Gage stared in disbelief as the skin on Bouquet’s face rippled like pond water in a pouring rain. “Good Lord,” exclaimed Benjamin. “He’s undergoing a metamorphosis; like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.” “The bloody hell you say,” Gage disagreed hotly. “That’s no butterfly!”

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A bluesy biker story set in the deep south during the late 60s, with a splash of Stephen King, Poe, and inspiration by Quentin Tarantino. For those interested in true myths and legends, along with the history of the biker culture.

An epic tale of love, loss, and redemption, The Blue Hour traces one woman’s struggle to survive in the wilds of 1860s Oregon, as she simultaneously navigates the hidden wilderness of the human heart.

Read this book if you want to immerse yourself in the wilds of western America in the 1860s or get lost in the even denser wilderness of love and loss. 

Maybe this recommendation needs to be simplified even further – read this book. It’s exhilarating to root for a character who is trying to navigate uncharted territory and make the greatest discovery of all.


Review by Yvonne Lieblein

In 1940, on a continent already battered by war, a terrifying new enemy has conquered much of Europe before turning its sights on Britain. All that stands between the unstoppable Black Legion and invasion is Briley and a handful of brave pilots. Can Briley and her friends turn back the Legion?

As far as war adventures go, Darkest Hour shoots straight and fires true, hitting all the targets you’d expect. Though the story is a little slow to start, it’s not long before the reader is dropped smack bang in the middle of nail biting dog fights and terrifying blitzes. The action in this book is definitely its strongest suit, and despite its YA leanings, no punches are pulled. When it comes to high flying suspense, Briley makes Biggles look like a crusty old crop duster.

The Alt. history setting allows for a steam punk re-imagining of post Great War Britain, where pirates ride air ships and Sky City takes the place of the now destroyed London as the nation’s capital. If anything, the steam punk potential of the novel’s environment is underplayed. There are tantalizing hints at a different world that are rarely expanded on, and most of the technology isn’t far removed from what you’d expect from a World War 2 era story. I might say that these things being only casually addressed is forgivable in light of the story’s quick pace, but I think its more accurate to say that the alt.history/steampunk packaging of Darkest Hour serves only as an excuse to tell an exciting war story without getting bogged down too much in realism.

When the bullets aren’t flying, Darkest Hour mostly focuses on the familiar YA path of a youngster embarking on a hero’s journey, and the heroine’s encounters with sexism and classism make up just as much of the story as her encounters with pirates and spies. Briley’s arc is a satisfying one, and the novel lives up to its name as she faces down personal and national tragedy with grim resolve. There’s no question the book is written for younger audiences, but Russo makes no bones about the horrors of war, and the story has the kind of stakes most thriller audiences would appreciate.

Above all you’ll find that Darkest Hour is a balanced tale. If you don’t appreciate a young woman’s melodrama, there’ll be a fistfight along any second now. Likewise, if you’re dizzy from dog fights, there’ll soon be a budding romance to bring you back down to earth. It’s a story that welcomes all.

Darkest Hour is a swinging haymaker of a tale, maybe lacking a little in nuance, but certainly landing the punch. I recommend this for younger readers and those of you nostalgic for the days of the Red Baron and plucky young Brits giving two fingers to Jerry (I assure you that last sentence actually means something.)

Review by Steve Wetherell

Delve into the early 19th century’s world and accompany the journeys of several historical and fictional characters, whose fates are to converge towards the Fiji islands, while the world is shaken by Napoleonic wars, struggles for independences, global trade, anti-slavery movements and clashes of civillisations.

The Prophet seeks the Ark; the Covenant of God and Martinez answers the call to aid the young King in his quest. Yet the rumours are rife and the General has a foreboding feeling. Old enemies will converge as a life hangs in the balance and sacrifices must be made.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Ensnared in Simon’s past life memories of the Civil War, thoroughly modern Kitty faces the challenges of a nineteenth century nurse treating injured soldiers in primitive army camps. Forced to confront her own demons, she sets on a path to self-realization, personal growth, and the love of her life.

All Jane Seymour wants is a husband; but when she catches the eye of a volatile king, she is pulled deep into the Tudor court’s realm of plot and intrigue….

Well executed and thoroughly researched, Jane the Quene is for romance lovers and history buffs alike. One part romantic drama and two parts historic fiction, Jane the Quene follows innocent Jane Seymour as she goes from the plain girl who keeps her head down to the center of of attention and power. Janet Wertman delivers pages of beautiful prose in a well-researched first book. And it doesn’t stop here! Readers can expect to gobble up more courtly intrigue as the saga continues.

Review by Jane the Quene

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Varus is the fiercest soldier in the Roman legion, and the most undisciplined. Fighting Thracian pirates, he faces man-made weapons, divine magic and his own divided instincts in a desperate battle for survival. Will Roman blades be strong enough to survive against ocean gods?

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Sker House is a traditional-style gothic ghost story with a contemporary twist and a distinctly Welsh flavour. Though the characters are fictionalized, many of the events described in the book are matters of historical record. Read it if you dare.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

The Smart Kid is a twisting action thriller set in the colorful decades of the 60s and 70s. Michael Shale is on the run, hiding in plain sight. But his carefully hidden past is coming to light. He must decide: run or fight.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Sired by a British peer, born of a paramour to Indian royalty, Kali Matai was destined from birth to enthrall England’s most powerful men. She hadn’t counted on becoming their pawn.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

When Bella Holsworthy returns to England after fifteen years roaming the globe, she finds herself in a locale more perilous than any in her travels—the Court of King George IV.

The story of a group of civilians making a series of newsreel films for the Australian Government during World War 2. Their adventures and romances make for a riveting insight into life in Australia during those years of turmoil.

Angel of Song is a historical romance set in France during WWI. In the hell of trenches, the Allied soldiers sacrifice their lives to hold their posts against insurmountable odds. Looking for inspiration, the French believe they’ve found a secret weapon from an unlikely source, the Angel of Song.

The third tale in Anna Rouen’s MASTER OF ILLUSION series can also stand alone, and for readers drawn to historical fiction, intrigue and romance, ANGEL OF SONG is a novel hat trick. Rouen weaves many layers into the fabric of the story — from Angelique’s journey of self-discovery and the complexities of love and loss to the chaos of war and the transformative power of music. While a bit slow at times, ANGEL OF SONG’s well-developed plot and rich character relationships will keep readers turning pages with anticipation.

Review by Yvonne Lieblein

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Dragon’s Bounty takes you on a sweeping adventure through medieval Wallachia and Transylvania. It is a sensitive love story woven around real events seen through the eyes of a man in love with a warrior prince, a man as hard as the challenges he faces.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Psychic stockbroker Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President of the United States, faces stiff opposition from rival Susan B. Anthony and spends election night in jail.

The story of the Brothers Pizarro and their conquest of the Inca empire through the eyes of Sardina, one of Francisco’s most loyal and seasoned men. Also detailed are the trials of Manco Inca, who was commanded by the Spanish conquistadors to serve as a king to his people, and who led their eventual revolt.

A family goes on vacation and is haunted by ghosts and nightmares. But when their daughter goes missing, the real nightmare begins.

Romantic Fantasy set in both Medieval and Contemporary England—an adult fairytale about Myra from 2015 and Edward from 1415—two souls destined for each other, as their love transcends time, where their past and future collide in a tale of love, obsession, betrayal, and the hope for redemption.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Rookie State Department lawyer Jaqueline Quartermane was never much good at puzzles. But now she must solve a mysterious ancient palindrome to thwart a global religious conspiracy that reaches across five centuries.

A terrible wartime tragedy leads to murder at home.

Dorothea Hawes has no wish to renew contact with what lies beyond the veil. After an attempt to take her own life, she has retired into seclusion, but as the wounds on her body heal, she is drawn back into a world she wants nothing more than to avoid.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

San Francisco 1899. As the city prepares to welcome the new century, a twisted killer enacts his final, grisly legacy.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

England, 1642. King Charles and his Parliament are at war. And Captain Hollie Babbitt’s at war with everyone else….

Pitch Perfect Finalist

“Hidden From the Face of Humans” is both a sweeping epic and a warm story of a family pulled into world politics of the 4th century BCE. Travel to the time of Plato, Persian kings, Spartan warriors and Egyptian Pharaohs to discover who killed Priestess Thermafi. And why?

Shy, homely Lalak, chosen as ruler Pakal’s wife, is overwhelmed by Palenque’s royal court, her mother-in-law’s hostility and her husband’s aloofness. She struggles for acceptance and Pakal’s heart, for he loves another. Facing tragedy, she discovers and invokes alchemical powers as they restore the collapsed spiritual portal, fulfilling their destinies.

A young but veteran recon pilot in WW2 finds the fate of the greatest invasion in history—and the life of the nurse he loves—resting perilously on his shoulders.

With this book, Grasso firmly establishes credibility as an alternative-history and action-adventure writer. East Wind Returns vaguely echoes Harry Turtledove’s alternative fiction novels, but unlike Turtledove, Grasso never slows down and never bores the reader. While his research and technicals are impeccable, Grasso doesn’t bog you down in excessive detail. It’s this pacing that gives East Wind Returns its breakneck speed. Not only does this book move quickly, but it has a high degree of quality in its characters and plot presentation.

Review by Brian L. Braden

James Finn finds himself trapped in the persona of Clay Cross, a 1950s cold war warrior and misogynist private eye, a composite of every pulp novel he’s ever read. Out of his time and ignorant of political correctness, Clay Cross blunders and offends in equal measure, and at the same time explores gender in unexpected ways.

It’s 1854 in the American West and Didier Rain – rogue, poet, and would-be entrepreneur – is hired by The Church of the Restructured Truth to deliver a child-bride to the sect’s prophet across a frontier fraught with perils, comedy, and carnal temptations.

Kindall pulls out all the terminology stops in his latest read. Although a fascinating read laced with allegory and human interest, Delivering Virtue’s highest appeal will be toward seasoned readers, especially English literature aficionados. Others may enjoy the tongue-in-cheek comments, but miss nuances of European literary legends.

Review by Anita Lock

What if humanity’s greatest talents were concentrated into the hands of a lucky few? More specifically, in only sixteen people? Some would seek to serve themselves. Others would seek the help the world. And others still, to rule it.

Maybe you decide to dig into THE SIXTEEN BURDENS  because its (awesome) cover catches your eye. Or it might be the awards and slew of 5-star reviews that lure you in.  Either way, you’ll only need to read a few paragraphs to know your instinct was spot on. David Khalaf’s debut novel and the first book in THE BURDENS TRILOGY is an eclectic literary mashup — mystery mixed into urban fantasy with a backbeat of Hollywood’s Golden Age. While connecting the dots would be a tall order for a less talented raconteur, Khalaf delivers an engaging adventure grounded in the wondrous complexities of self-discovery and the power of friendship. Bonus: Francesca Baerald’s stellar illustrations.

Review by Yvonne Lieblein

Considered for Review

An Urban Adventure in Time spanning three centuries, from the post Civil War South to Modern Day Chicago to the year 1919 and the bloodiest race riot in Chicago’s history

A WWI veteran writes down the memories of the war and his return to civilian life for his children to read after he is gone. From his training, through his first action, the rest of the hellish war and then back home. He is changed forever.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Lily’s story is an historical novel about the tragedies and triumphs of a remarkable pioneer woman in early Canada. Lily struggles to maintain a sense of self in the face of historical events beyond her control.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

In 1842, Deidre Scott leaves Scotland to follow Mac McDonnell, the man she loves, to Van Diemen’s Land. As Mac toils on a road gang, Deidre cobbles together a job and tries to ease conditions for Mac. Can they build a new life in this rough and tumble penal colony?

Can love sustain light when the forces of evil close in? Paris, 1939-1942. A fallen angel is trapped in the web of German occupation. The deadly noose of Nazi control grows ever tighter, ensnaring her and two of her lovers.

The book is beautifully written. The history is magnificent, and if you want to learn about occupied Paris from the perspective of persecuted Jewish families and Resistance fighters, this book is a fun way to do so. 

Review by A post with the ID $staff does not exist.

Pitch Perfect Pick

“The Golden Spark” continues the award-winning story of a young horsewoman’s journey back in time. This 2nd book of ‘The Legend of the Great Horse’ trilogy follows Meagan’s adventures through the European Renaissance to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

1937. The time of hard-bitten city editors and soft-hearted molls. A young press photographer falls for a crusading reporter. There’s murder before breakfast. Beer and a beating for lunch. Don’t be late for dinner or a deadline. It’s not your best shot, but taking the shot you have that counts.

A century-long mystery challenges fates.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Based on the real-life robbery of the famed Gardner Museum, this fast-paced, wily whodunit filled with intrigue, romance and stimulating scholarship. A wonderfully satisfying mystery for anyone interested in historical fiction. A roller-coaster ride of suspense, a meticulous portrait of the underbelly of the art world at its highest echelons.