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A gender-inverted retelling of Beauty and the Beast, THE ROSE QUEEN follows the story of Princess Mirabella as she uncovers the secrets of her family’s past. But the clock is ticking down even as she searches, and the answers she seeks may come too late to save her.

So you thought that thumb sized zit on your face was natural? Chalk it up to Amura, the Dark Witch, but she’s falling behind in her evil doing. Fatalities would be helpful, because if she doesn’t up her game soon she’ll be for the knife.

Merlin dreams of darkness spreading across the planet Avalon. Arthur is called forth from Earth to help save Avalon form the imminent evil. Does he have the courage to face them head-on? Holding Excalibur, does he have the strength to fight for a world unknown and foreign to him?

A classic underdog story, perfect for fans of zero-to-hero fantasy adventures filled with magic, mystery, and monsters.

Every god has a nanoverse, but only one will give its wielder the ability to kick start the apocalypse. Ryan Smith must try to save humanity, even though he can’t save the world. A high octane battle between good and evil, where the best hope is a kinder, gentler Armageddon.

Diomedes is back, racing against a cosmic timetable, to save more than humanity from an ancient apocalypse.

Lost in a hostile universe with only a ravenous goat, a stuffy old stork and a talentless magician for company, young Jellybean ‘Gator Bait’ Skratcher is beginning to discover that being blessed with the powers of Navel Navigation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s been a thousand years since the last war against the Beast. Now, the serpent is awake again, and the armies of Gog and Magog are on the march. If they are not stopped, the world will be enslaved by the dragon. The end of days is near.

An out of this world love that faces destruction before it’s begun.

Scheduled for Review on October 22, 2018

A dark and captivating Faery Tale with unexpected twists and deliciously hot romance at every turn!

Renee’s no ordinary princess. She more skilled with a sword than most men, and when tragedy strikes, she uses her skills to join a pirate crew. But can she continue fighting justice on the sea, or will she rise to be the leader her people need?

Holland finds herself immersed in a game of life or death in ancient Greece. To win her freedom, she teams up with Doran, who is on the eve of his forced wedding. They must decipher the challenge set forth by Loki and resist the raging passion that burns between them.

Melody Delgado
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Underground Title

Young orphan, Shauna, longs to be part of a family. On a trip to the beach she meets a beautiful girl named Daphne, near a wishing well. Could Daphne be a fairy and will she grant Shauna’s wish to find a family of her own?

A young girl fears that her father’s family are werewolves — and worse, that she may be one too.

A corrupt state government. A teacher fighting for justice. And hundreds of ninja backing her up. It could only happen in Texas!

“The Tagibi Prophecy, Volume 1: The Chronicles of Theo is an epic fantasy adventure, a thought-provoking tale of a young warrior and his meeting with a heroic young woman, each from very different worlds. United by a common cause, the pair of unlikely heroes raise an army to defend Kiow from an enemy, the like of which they have never seen before

The first in an epic series of magical adventures for the young Morgan Le Fay, in which she encounters faeries, giants, fallen gods and other figures of folklore, amidst the perilous, chaotic, war-torn post-Roman Dark Ages Britain in which she is forced to grow up.

A mild mannered historian, a ruthless power hungry witch and an old man with a remarkable secret. When their lives intersect the results are deadly. The Guardian: A tale of love, revenge and magic.

Blood in the Sand is billed as the first in a series, and it lays a very solid foundation, introducing characters in great detail and informing the reader of the djinn and other truths about witches and wiccans. On the surface, it’s a story about a rivalry between two university staff who are vying for the same position. Beneath the surface, it’s a story of a witch who desires immortality, to be worshipped like a god, and an unassuming man who is most comfortable with facts established through documents and research and evidence, who finds his whole life turned upside down when his research introduces him to a djinn.

Blood in the Sand isn’t one thing for one type of reader. There are long passages related to history that inform Dr. Philip Entwhistle’s research, although many scenes only peripherally relate to the djinn and the larger matters at hand. It’s a testament to the author’s willingness to develop each character and part of the book in great detail, and while some of it is necessary to make Philip a believer in the djinn, some readers may be impatient with the amount of time spent in the past. Much of the drama surrounding the contemporary plot line unfolds in the last third of the book. I do find myself wondering what the balance will be in subsequent books in the series, because the reader now has an established understanding of how things work with the djinn and who the main characters are. I imagine the payoff will be subsequent installments that expand that world-building and move at a swift pace.

There’s a lot to like in this story. I really enjoyed the friendship between Philip and James, and it was nice to read a story that was more focused on people becoming friends rather than on characters entering a romance. There is a bit of romance in this story, but it is very much a minor subplot at this stage of the series. This book will be ideal for people who have a love of history, interest in mystical beings, and who are patient readers more focused on spending time with characters to get to know them well.

Review by The Guardian – Blood in the Sand

Bill Kieffer
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Underground Title

Welcome to Aesop’s World. It’s a dark world where love and redemption have a cost that can only be measured in blood and violence. It’s just like our own world, except darker… furrier… scalier. FURRY NOIR. Six stories of things that go BITE in the night.

Sixteen-year-old Avery Flynn is determined to reclaim her almost-boyfriend from the Fae, with the help of the creature who stole his body in the first place.

The book is recommended for fans of young adult fantasy series.

Review by Crow’s Rest

Pitch Perfect Finalist

An ancient prophecy propels three unlikely young heroes to leave their homes on a mysterious and dangerous journey. The fate of the world rests on their shoulders. Will tragedy and loss defeat them, or will they find the strength and faith to perservere?

Madilla is the story of a young girl from an isolated village who teaches herself to play piano. Through the improvised music of her people, she connects with Pan, a mountain sparrow, sparking an adventure of musical and spiritual discovery that threatens the beliefs everyone around her.

Scheduled for Review on October 29, 2018

An assassin is forced to hunt a forsaken god and a crazed huntress dared to challenge a truth of their world.

When a young man breaks a pact with the Spirit, he unleashes a wrath on a small town where women are compelled to destroy the men.

In a land on the cusp of the industrial era, a young man travels to the city to study a new form of magic, but he finds intrigue and revolution. And betrayal.

Murder is on the list of gifts this holiday season. At least it is when you’re apart of the deadliest gang in town. When young Anuaka’s family discovers her involvement with the local criminals, they give her an ultimatum. Get out of the gang or get out of their lives. However, removing herself from the gang is inconceivable. The only way out is death.

CommonSense is an urban fantasy of fallen heroes who gather against demons and an impending and certain Armageddon. Where players and pawns are suddenly, magically, equaled. This is a world cloaked in plain sight and the story of magical combatants looking to break or defend life itself.

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The apocalypse arrived as a quiet virus that put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Now musician Ed Johnson is stalked by strangers, and nightmare creatures threaten his sister and friends. Can magic and the true power of music save them and perhaps the future of the human race?

Blending Jewish folklore with modern day character, The Song of Hadariah is an adventure for all ages.

Secreted away in the attic of the large Edwardian house in San Francisco owned by the Watchers, a box is discovered. In the box are various documents from ghost killers, dating back more than ninety years. Among them are letters and a diary, dated in 1 …

When George Sinclair discovered he can see ghosts, destroy them and save their victims, his life changed from ordinary to extraordinary. He became a ghost killer. Now, George works alongside his new friends and assists the Watchers: an international gr …

The ghosts that wander among the living do not haunt in the traditional sense; instead, they plague the innocent with disease, deformity and addiction. And once a ghost finds its victim, it will haunt them for a lifetime… or kill them quickly.  After …

The ghosts that wander among the living do not haunt in the traditional sense; instead, they plague the innocent with disease, deformity and addiction. And once a ghost finds its victim, it will haunt them for a lifetime… or kill them quickly.  After …

Two immortals and a ghost attempt to solve mysteries new and old.

This novel is a dark, violent story that is both familiar, and yet wholly its own—starting with mythology you may recognize, and then heading in some hilarious, and twisted directions.

A page-turning debut in the tradition of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, amped up and on steroids with some X-Files mystery, some Hitchcock suspense and countless plot twists and cliffhangers that will keep you guessing. And you’ll still be wrong! One of Wattpad’s top read books in 2016, making it to Top 10 Charts in “Paranormal” and “Romance” Categories with over 300k reads!

Planet Aon’s living core; priceless and under siege by those who would kill millions to harvest this world’s resources.

Pay attention to word count! The system will allow you to go over, but your novel will be rejected if you do not comply. Copy and paste your text into a word processor, or use this online word counter.Pay attention to word count! The system will allow you to go over, but your novel will be rejected if you do not comply. Copy and paste your text into a word processor, or use this online word counter.

THE AUTOMATION is a genre-bending fantasy that teeters between the classical and the experimental. Its ideal place would be on the same bookshelf as Pullman’s HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy and Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS—though it wouldn’t mind bookending Homer, Virgil, and Milton, if it had a choice.

The shift is coming… But the end of the world does not have to be a disaster.

A novel about delusion, obsession, and blood.

Tales of the Whirling Rainbow is a journalist’s account of some of the key myths and mysteries of the Americas, and an exploration of how those myths are resounding in real time. Drawn from sources both ancient and modern, this small treasure conveys adroit insights into key facets of North America’s unfolding saga. 

The Gem of Notna has chosen its next host — and thrown him into the middle of a centuries-old Holy War. The Divine and the Underworld are at a stalemate, and the gem holds the key in winning the war, and deciding Earth’s fate.

In this satirical fairy tale told in a wry, grandfatherly voice, a village waif, unwanted and alone, grows up to become the greatest knight of the era.

“Would you like to court me to Happyland?” Prince Gobbledygook asks Lily Marshmallow and himself. Therein the journey begins to find Happyland. Follow him as he tries to define happiness with a little help from his friends, Big Wig Sophisticated Pig, B …

A larger-than-life tale of one man’s courage, sacrifice, and unyielding defiance to fight for his peoples’ freedom against those that would take it, and in this great struggle he finds friendship with three alien beings fallen to Earth that stand with him.

An Old-World vampire meets a kick-ass Valkyrie, resents her, woos her, loves her, fights by her…and yet, is it enough to stop the Soul Wars, the war between vampires that have souls and those that don’t?

Racine is about a 19 year old woman, Racine, who, on a visit to the Library Of Congress, goes on a magical odyssey to discover her mystical beginnings.

A priestess’s childhood friendship with a Lycan blossoms into love when they are reunited as adults, but when Varg wants Halea to be his mate, she is torn between her oath and her desire to be with the Wolf King who loves her.

One woman’s incredible story of survival, lost, alone and pregnant in a cold, northern wilderness and her journey to empowerment.

One woman’s incredible story of survival, lost, alone and pregnant in a cold, northern wilderness and her journey to empowerment.

In a horrific post-apocalyptic world, Mikael, a regular citizen of New Sapien, suddenly stumbled upon a mysterious phenomenon one particular night. His growing curiosity unexpectedly lead him to an ancient mystery first foretold by the Sumerians of the …

A young man travels to the city to study magic. Instead he finds himself entangled in intrigue. Princes scheme against each other, and revolutionaries plot to overthrow them. Poets inspire change with heretical words. These strands meet at the home of Chaitan, the elderly master magician.

In this humorous paranormal romance, a young woman named Autumn, her unbelievably sexy alien boyfriend, and her kleptomaniac friend with fire-retardant hair rush to save all of humanity before the Earth is destroyed.

Nikki Raines, magical tattoo artist, is pulled out of her “ordinary” day (putting magic into skin) and into trouble that includes mermaids, werecat gladiators, underground pit fights, and being soul-bound. She should have listened to Leo, the centuries-old ghost Tied to her necklace, and just let that customer go.

Scheduled for Review on August 20, 2018

The sky is full of elephants. Hares live on the moon. A paradise threatened by an alien being, and a promise to help it home. Only then will harmony be restored, and the human song renewed. Custodians of earth must not fail in their task, else all will be consumed.

Androgynous fox scientist Argentum combats space pirates, monopolistic corporations, and treacherous activists, desperately trying to survive the numerous assassination attempts in order to find some form of hope for parahumans everywhere.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Death calls to him, granting Winter premonition by showing him all the ways he can die. Where does his power come from and why has he been singled out to save the world? Only Death knows the darkness ready to be unleashed from King Drohn’s conquest of the empires. He must be stopped, or the Demons of Lost Souls will rise on the wings of war to end mankind and begin the Annihilation.

Lia Davies is a small town business owner sleepwalking through life until she enters the world of the Paldimori. Chaos is the powerful leader of his people who prides himself on his control. They collide at every turn, but will Lia live long enough to explore the passion they ignite?

Readers who enjoy a well-crafted story with fantasy and supernatural elements with lots of intrigue and humor will enjoy the story in Waking Chaos. But, beware: the terribly cheesy sex scenes will either make you throw up in your mouth a little bit or laugh out loud. Five stars for the well-written intrigue, action, and plot but -1 for the cheesy sex scenes that strip any hint of romance or eroticism from the story for a total of 4 stars.

Review by Waking Chaos

Former DOD operative Gavin Randall is coming home after twenty-eight years of war. Dismissed by the government he spent his life fighting for, his only solace is knowing that the life waiting for him is one of peace. Unfortunately, Gavin stumbles upon a secret underworld that exists alongside ours.

Tressa, a Fae in hiding, was content with the new life she had carved for herself in the Human World… until her fate and romance came looking for her. If you love fae mythology, romance, suspense, and drama get this book now!

When Helen begins to dream about a strange bar and a mysterious man that dwells within it, she assumes that it’s all a matter of harmless fantasy. Little does she know that the man of her dreams is about to turn her waking life into a nightmare.

Paris marshal Danni Metreaux has her hands full with criminals preying on a local Weeia merchant, a fresh trainee and the happy distraction of a new love interest. Her instincts tell her that a powerful Weeia has been forcing humans to commit a series …

Scheduled for Review on November 5, 2018

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE? When he wakes up naked and alone in the Mount of Olives Cemetery, Moshe Karlin doesn’t remember dying two years ago, nor does he realize how hard he’ll have to work to win back his perfect old life… and his wife.

It’s like Uber, but for killing monsters! What if Van Helsing hunted Dracula not because it was the right thing to do, but because she was a millennial trying to make ends meet?

This book is recommended for fans of Joss Whedon’s work, fans of modern urban fantasy, and readers who enjoy the development of a detailed and absorbing world. However, it is not recommended for readers who want a plot-focused story.

Review by iHunt

Surviving in a city ruled by the supernatural is hard. Harder still with a serial killer on your trail, and a demon on your back. For sorcerer Creed, magick will either save the day…or destroy it.

When arriving home after work, George Knox makes a gruesome discovery. His beloved wife, Anna, is dead—hanging from a beam in their basement. Upon cutting her down, thinking it is a suicide, he realizes it is a cover-up for a brutal murder.

Witches are real, they are evil, and Claudia Matthews must fight her way past the temptation of corruption, and weakness to find the answers she seeks for her saving grace. But being bound to the damned means fighting against more temptation than the pull of power.

Malefica is perfect for fans off Melissa de la Cruz and Richelle Mead. An unpredictable and tightly woven plot, along with original world-building, keep this book moving forward at a fast clip.

Review by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

College senior Jackson Dowd goes to Montréal for a lost weekend, meets a handsome drifter named Benoit, and finds himself plunged into the strange and violent world of feline shifters.

According to the acknowledgement at the end of the book, when Andrew J. Peters started writing the books between these covers, the author had decided to “queer” the vampire and werewolf craze in the “delightfully narcissistic tradition of” those who had come before. Shortly after starting, however, he seemed unsatisfied with the neon pink paintbrush he’d been slapping across the canvass. He began researching the deeper history of feline mysticism and Native American two-spiritism in an effort to create a richer and more unique universe for his shifters to frolic and slash each other in.

I’m happy to say that he succeeds.

Review by Werecat: The Trilogy

Meleena overhears a conversation at the seedy tavern she calls home. Soon she finds herself in the company of a team of strangers, in search of a treasure the likes of which the world has never seen. But what she finds is far greater than any precious stone.

Imagine an iconic made-for-TV movie spawned with a theatrical masterpiece but set in outer space! The Slant Six is for you if you like: A) Classic space cruisers B) Death races C) Sexy space vampires D) Robot rebellions E) All of the above!

Can a fortune-teller, a scientist, a starlet, and a bounty hunter defy the might of the Vatican to bring about the Prophecy of the Awakening?

The battle for Teldor is over, but the heroes have been deceived. Will the Darklord succeed and plunge the mortal realm into Dark Times? Will Death remain loyal to his friends or return to the Dark One’s side? Who is Death?

Class is back in session for the new Slayer. But something has risen from the Shadows, once again threatening everything and everyone she loves. But this question still remains: Is she ready to fight?

The year is 2017. Dragons still populate the world even as sinister forces plan to take over the lands. The ice dragon is destined to rebel against the destruction by the mighty forces of Team Plasm. This diary throws readers directly into the eye of the battle to experience the Dragon Wars at their closest encounters.

A young woman joins an ancient war against the forces of order on the side of trickester gods.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

“His possessiveness unsettled her. It seemed contrary to his gentle nature. He used his body and arms as a barrier; she was so small compared to him that she felt engulfed by his body. Morgan was having a difficult time trying to ignore the sense of well-being, peace, and desire she experienced every time she came close to him. His glow, that glow he had, seemed to have an effect on her.”

Scheduled for Review on September 18, 2017

“You can’t kill a ghost.” Young American Aliya Scott travels to Tanzania to help children with her condition. There, people without pigment in their skin are called “zeru-zeru,” it means “ghost,” and they are believed to possess magical powers. When Aliya goes missing, her father sets out on a mission to find her. Will he reach her before it is too late?

For most people, a visit from their former in-laws is unpleasant at most. If only I were that lucky. Mine have unexpectedly dropped by, leaving a couple of bodies in little bits and a message in blood as their way of saying hi.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Global Warden series is that it’s told from the point of view of Victor Warden, a cynical and world-weary man to whom the cosmically incredible is just another day at the office. Victor’s sarcastic commentary is a useful counterpoint to the high-flying ambition of the story’s techno-mythological backdrop. Victor- even when clashing powers and trading insults with demigods, keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

The second strongest aspect of Lange’s writing is the pace. Action scenes are never far away, and filled with quick-fire, bone-crunching fights that never outstay their welcome. This second instalment in the series further builds on the still expanding mythos of the Warden Global world, but the exposition never slows down the page-turning. Thriller fans will find themselves in comfortable territory.

All in all, Rise of the Storm Bringer is a welcome expansion in the series, and those who enjoyed the first will not be let down by the second. With more characters, more background and higher stakes, Rise of the Storm Bringer keeps the wheels turning on the series with effortless efficiency. Perhaps as a consequence of this, the relationships in the book rarely develop beyond buddy-cop style back-and-forths, but there’ll be time for hand holding and moon gazing after the next super-powered villain is defeated (and there’s a queue of them, trust me.)

Not content to sit in traditional genres, the Warden Global series will appeal to fans of mythic adventure, supernatural thriller and sci-fi action, and also for those of you who are partial to a hard-boiled detective vibe. So if that grabs you, this series is for you.

Review by Rise of the Storm Bringer

Ken Lange
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When I crashed on this planet fifteen thousand years ago, I thought that my friend—the living spaceship Sleipnir—was destroyed. But it turns out the mysterious signal I’ve been receiving for the past nine years is his cry for help. It’s led me back to Romania.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Nephilim, aliens, gods – They’ve been called by many names, but when Frankie stumbles onto an ancient book, the truth about the past reveals a more startling reality. What she reads about Ashra and the powerful Krad race makes her question her place in this world.

“Something horrible is happening in the Crimson Forest. I need you to promise me you’ll stay away from it.” The Crimson Forest, is a place where creatures known only to humans through myth and legend, fight for love and survival. It’s a world where fairy tales thrive, nightmares become reality, and some secrets are better left undiscovered.

A teen descendant of a tribe cursed by an ancient creature may be the only one who can save his bloodline in this supernatural thriller.

A hundred-year-war that won’t end… Three strong young women sworn to kill each other… Famere, Jennelle, and Camette must discover who is friend or enemy, who is responsible for the hundred-year dark sky and death mists, and if the men they adore will still love them.

Lured into treason and only narrowly escaping the gallows, Keridwen was desperate to build a new life for herself. But between treachery, hell-bound demons, and a prince who had every right to nurse a grudge against her, what were the odds that she could stay out of trouble for long?

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A retelling of David and Goliath with added fantasy elements and a focus on the romance between David and Princess Michal

In a stunning reimagining of mermaid lore, Water is the perfect combination of suspense, mystery, humor and romance. It’s a gripping tale of love and danger, combined with a terrifically detailed world below the waves, and will have readers breathless and begging for more.

There aren’t a lot of mer-stories out there, so in many ways WATER felt fresh. If your love of YA fantasy novels allows you to overlook typos and some contrived plot devices, you will enjoy WATER.

Review by Water

It is the year 2110 when a man awakens next to the Winooski River in Vermont with a severe case of amnesia. He soon encounters the acting leader of Vermont, King Henry, and his party, and is told that Vermont is now a fiercely independent republic and …

The Doom Hippies: Bizarro, horror and dark fantasy stories by author Alex S. Johnson.

This tale of the dark, twisted truth lurking behind the children’s fairy tale will set its fangs in you and not let go. You thought you knew the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Think again.

In the aftermath of a major hurricane, something has washed up on the shore of the Hudson…a nightmare that will unleash havoc on the citizens of Wyvern Falls.

Book two in the Seekers dystopian trilogy. Across the ocean, the seekers get caught between those who reject progress and those who wish for a simpler way. Their challenge: bring the sides together. The prize: a chance to take home miracles. The risk: losing themselves in a never-ending dream.

A story about a society devoid of technology, the result of an overreaction to a past where progress had overtaken humanity and led to social collapse. The solution—an enforced return to a simpler time. But it’s also a tale of three friends’ struggle to confront a world gone awry.

This book is recommended for young adults, and for those who are seeking dystopian adventure stories that are clean. There’s no sex, little violence, and readers will be confronted more with questions about heroism and obedience. Those who are looking for more intense action and suspense may prefer a different series.

Review by The Children of Darkness (The Seekers Book 1)

It was supposed to be a simple poaching case. Oh yeah, it involves lycanthropes, but, that shouldn’t be a problem. The trouble is, NOTHING is ever simple when John Fisher, Federal Park police, and retired Navy SEAL is assigned to the case

My name is Viktor Engel Warden, and I’m here to tell you that there’s more to this world than you might suspect. There are things that slither and pass unseen through the night, and it’s my job to stop them. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

The Wanderer Awakens is an ambitious urban fantasy that pits the hero against everything from mythical wraiths to nano-modified super beings. The science-fantasy mythos behind the novel is broad and rich, and the discovery of it is the backbone of the novel. However, told in first person from Victor’s point of view, the exposition is parcelled out with a sardonic and likeable narrative voice, meaning that the potentially diverting concepts are always firmly anchored to the plot.

Speaking of narrative style, Viktor Warden lends a light hearted noir-ishness to the novel, with his regular snarky witticisms juxtaposed with the moody descriptions of the New Orleans backdrop. Viktor’s secret past, his fantastic abilities and the atrocities of his enemies are peppered with mauling sincerity and dry sarcasm. For all that he is a super-powered battler of ancient demi-gods, Viktor is a very human, very approachable protagonist, who sets a conversational tone that makes the story accessible and keeps the pace clipping along.

Other than the sarcastic badinage, The Wanderer Awakens also revels in its action sequences. The novel is packed with bone crunching melee fights that are sure to satisfy those looking for ruckus in their reading. Explosions, chases, gun fire and brutal fist fights are never more than a chapter away.

The novel’s thriller-like pace may be viewed as a double edged sword by some. As mentioned, the concepts are highly fantastical, but the street-level grit of the action demands a running start, and author Ken Lange assumes you’re already buckled in when he puts his foot down. Those readers unaccustomed to science fiction and fantasy in a real-world setting might find themselves left in the dark— with fantastical revelation after fantastical revelation, this is not safe territory for those without the right compass. But for those of you already familiar with urban fantasy and supernatural thrillers, you’ll quickly settle in and enjoy the ride.

The Wanderer Awakens is a treasure trove for those who enjoy intricate fantasy concepts, and it’s framed with a sufficiently down-to-earth narrative that drops the occasional nudge and wink to the reader. It is a novel that confidently walks the fine tightrope between sincerity and over-seriousness, and between good fun and silliness. This results in a story that shoots for the stars while keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

If you like to read about wise-cracking, ass-kicking heroes going toe-to-toe with the fantastically monstrous, you wont go far wrong with The Wanderer Awakens. It’s a fast-paced, hard hitting supernatural adventure, with only a few elements that might make it unsuitable for YA audiences.

Review by The Wanderer Awakens

John Fisher, is a Park Police officer. His office is a Dodge Durango. The dark legends and creatures have always been around, and after the civil rights movement they’re legal. When someone breaks the law on Federal land, it ‘s John’s job to bring them in, vampire, were, or other…

One of the most marvelous things about this novel, is how the prose reads like the observations and experiences of a detailed orientated cop without actually feeling that it was written by a cop who writes up so many reports that it’s second nature. I certainly got the feeling who John Fisher was, even if he’s not someone I’d be buddies with. Of course, part of that is I like my were-critters to be sexy. Cool. So, if you are looking for Anita Blake like Weres, John Fisher isn’t one of those.

But what John Fisher is, rough and yet smarter than he’d like you to think, he is in a totally realistic way. The supporting cast carries this verisimilitude across the book with only two clunkers of minor characters. I’m referring to two total twits in suits that remind of cops from an accidentally deadly traffic stop. Yet, in this first person narrative, it is realistic that John holds them in such disdain that they do not actually come across as realistic.

The dialogue is witty when John is not trying to be witty, and often not when he’s trying to be. The other characters often have better dialogue, which is amazing to me.

It’s almost a police procedural, which I enjoy when done correctly (and this was). When a book isn’t going to be a straight procedural, I like to have seen more romance and more introspection. But, true to type as a military man, just kinda says he blows his top and rushes through through the moment until he is out of emotional upheaval. It’s realistic… just not as satisfying as it could be.

I’m interested in reading more in the series. If William Lehman can adjust the mix a little, John Fisher could become quite the popular hero. Or Anti-Hero.

Review by Harvest of Evil

Considered for Review

When a merman is found on the beach, the military, media, and merfolk confront each other to either save him—or tear him apart.

A psychic teams with cynical reporter to return to the past and rescue a sacred stone. The ingenious, twisty plot follows the citified pair as they adapt to the harsh Sioux life, and make an enemy of the murderous Red Leaf. When they escape home, they face a new nightmare.

Considered for Review

Peter Pan is a boy all lost children admire–he’s strong, adventurous, and brave. But beneath it all lurks a puppet master who revels in playing games only he understands; a boy who will do anything to stay young forever.

Melea is the greatest warrior in the world. In service to the Lord of Light, she uses her abilities to kill for his divine vision. Shadows grow larger as the Light spreads. Melea denies being a villain, refuses to be a hero, and is caught between world-altering forces.

A novella about a future dystopia – set in London’s East End and Battersea Power Station; in a future world divided into a super-human race called The Pro-gens and the rest of us, The Re-gens. Abe, a Re-gen, uncovers a diabolical plan made by the powerful Pro-gens which threatens the future of humanity. Will he make it out alive to be with the love of his life, Ophelia, in Devon?

Marooned in the present, their only hope for the future lay in the past. But first there was still the small matter of staying alive. The planet they were marooned on was crawling with bird-beasts, immense parrotlike carnivores that stood two meters tall, weighed upwards of fifty klogs, and had

Jessica McCloud is God’s only begotten daughter, and she’s not super thrilled about that. After a close call with a demon, she decides it’s time to learn some messiah survival skills. But that will have to take a back seat to her more immediate concerns, like puberty and bullies…

Pitch Perfect Finalist

An ancient evil lies within the stone, feasting on innocent souls. Two years ago, the retired FBI contractor, Carter, had a chance to kill it and didn’t. Second chances are hard to get….

November finally has the family she wanted but old enemies are lurking, waiting to strike and a group of legendary hunters is threatening her pack. Their only hope is trusting their enemies, entering hostile territories and playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a psychopath.

New Adathen lies besieged The Lord Protector is far away; Lady Tethys must command the fortress of the Women’s Regiment. None but a Daishenic Knight might escape the siege alive and have the courage to return; Lady Tethys has only one such paladin.

Story of magic and Knights, and becoming a Baron in spite of himself

When Sunny, age fifteen, was forced to move to her mother’s home planet, blood-sucking kidnappers attacked. Now she must go to warrior school, complete with bullies, drill instructors, and vicious sports. But, when the kidnappers strike again, can Sunny use her unique genetic inheritance to save herself and her friends?

A grip on one’s sanity … A discovery of demonic warfare … The beginnings of an exorcist. In the Eyes of Madness, the thin line between sanity and the supernatural.

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Astin Fell lives the life of a struggling barista until he inexplicably sprouts wings and horns. Now, he’s the last servant of an unknown power, conscripted to fight the Taint—a horrific evil devouring the world one tiny piece at a time.

Anna is working as a courier for Blake in Chicago. The work is easy even if the hours are not, but she gets to piss off some people. Blake has her deliver a letter at Moonshine, the bar of a local gang, and she inevitably creates a ruckus. Because Anna is a hag.

Demon Within is an epic, fantasy, romance filled with plots, secrets and lovable characters A former slave who is now a feared warlord, a princess, a king, angels and fallen-angels make this an epic romance you will love from the start.

Seventeen-year-old Cera Singer discovers she comes from a long-line of witches after moving from the Deep South to New York State. She then has to develop her powers in order to fight off an evil witch that haunts the forest behind her new home.

Amy and her friends uncover the cause of the disappearance of New Lyon, only to face their greatest challenge. Even the Unelmoija may not be strong enough to evade the paradox

Sworn to protect the secrets of their race, marshals are trained to police Weeia hiding among humans. After completing her advanced marshal training, Danni is blown away by her new plum assignment to Paris.

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Nineteen-year-old Priya has lived in the shadow of the forest all her life. She knows the rules better than anyone. Do not go into the forest alone and never stray from the beaten path.

Observe through the eyes of Logan, who is obsessed in trying to uncover who is behind the famous 4-20 Drain Murder after his ex-girlfriend was murdered. He and his friends struggle to find answers while dealing with drug addiction, the living dead and being stalked by cultists.

The War of Zero-Sum is an Irish Troubles novel, but one with a unique twist! Zero Sum is set in an alternative reality, where Ireland is on the frontline of the Cold War conflict between the USSR and the USA.

Alex was cured of the disease that turns people into flesh-eating monsters. Micah hates Survivors like him. When an outbreak plunges their city into chaos, terror and death, can the two enemies join forces and stop the new virus?

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In a world where everyone wishes they can live forever, what would you truly do if you got your wish?

A sequence of interconnected novellas of dark, Lovecraftian fantasy. Stories of people who find themselves at the borders of reality and discover heroism – or horror.

Flinging a respectful salute to Lovecraftian lore, the novel carefully recreates the poetry of familiar cosmic horror and secret history, and scatters easter eggs about liberally. But Robert DeFrank is no copy cat, and he overlays his stories on Lovecraft’s cherished backgrounds in his own confident, elegant (and to be honest, much more accessible) way. Here is good horror, written well, and for genre afficiandos that alone should be enough to click the purchase button.

The tales of Star Winds at Dusk are anchored around a respect and dedication to building a solid supernatural mythos, providing the cozy depths to lose oneself in that is so necessary to a good horror tale. Though the book is filled with outlandish beasts and no small amount of the occult, Robert DeFrank pulls off that Lovecraftian trick of presenting the inexplicable with academic credulity, and really pervades the sense that a world of the inexplicable lies close by… for those that know how and where to look.

All this talk of H.P Lovecraft may be off-putting to some, but those of you who don’t know their Shoggoth’s from their elbows won’t feel put out. Star Winds at Dusk isn’t a fan fiction, and at the core of the cosmic musings is a solid thread of story filled with intriguing characters. It’s an original twist on time-tested concepts.

I thoroughly enjoyed Star Winds at Dusk. It was pleasingly intriguing, sometimes disturbing and shot through with a quiet dread and tension you’d expect from a seasoned horror writer.

Review by Steve Wetherell

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Half-alien teen, Sunny, has the worst custody agreement, forcing her to go live with her dictatorial mother on another planet. This. Sucks. When her DNA makes Sunny the target of kidnappers, her mother saves her, but is arrested for murder. Can Sunny accept herself in time to save them both?

Brian L. Braden
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Underground Title

Raised in splendid isolation. Betrothed to a man she despises. Destined to rule over the greatest city on earth. She is the Golden Princess. Now Sarah is on the run for her life. Before the next sunset, her fate, and that of empires, will be decided with gold, steel and blood.

She was just a lost girl when they found her. Does she control the fire and light? Or do they control her?

Pitch Perfect Pick

He’s not crazy. Honest, he’s not. He’s just Wyatt. Wyatt the Mighty.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Seven Misterious Gifts came to Earth and lay dormant, like seeds in an empty desert. Then the rains came, as a young boy, chosen by an Angel to reveal the gifts after enduring a wild, spiritual odyssey through seven arcane and bizarre worlds in pursuit of a lonely white dolphin

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Meet Mort, former General Operations Director of the Dead, exiled to the land of Budget Funerals and Bail Bonds.

A Chicago detective faces true evil on the case, and gets a chance to get revenge on the vampire who ruined his life…but he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Angelica Cross.

Fear of a prophecy, of burning magical power, and a broken heart, Sanura, is unprepared when Special Agent Berber enters her life, hunting a preternatural serial killer. Assefa’s intelligent, chocolate eyes and intoxicating aura signature stirs her fire spirit but frightens the woman. Is faith the cure for her fear?

Grug Smash is a barbarian adventurer, and he’s happy that way. When Grug stumbles upon a magical amulet that boosts intelligence, his simple world begins to fall apart, and he must face the possibility that he is no more than a plaything of the gods.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Two worlds in danger. A Grand Witch behind bars. A stunning Werewolf and a devilishly handsome Warlock’s pursuit for her affections. Anna awakens to find herself imprisoned by Micah, the Prince of Darkness. Micah’s on a quest for world domination—and it’s not just the Netherworld that’s in danger.

A sister kidnapped. An impending war between Heaven and Hell looming around the corner. A Grand Witch who has no idea what she is. The Prince of Darkness’s obsession in claiming her. It’s up to her to draw out her dormant magic, rescue her sister and stop an impending war.

Two couples, two quirks of fate that can bring them together or tear them apart.

Completing server repair. But nowhere in her job description does it say she’ll be investigating grisly murders. However, a girl is dead, and the gods are calling for the head of her killer. And the deity who owns Cat’s soul has demanded that she lead the hunt.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

With mankind on the brink of extinction, Violina, a girl polarized by love and loathing, travels back in time to prevent the apocalypse and dish out lethal justice against all who wrong her—a list that grows exponentially until it encompasses all of mankind.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Ember prefers the dead. When her father dies, she learns her life’s a lie. She’s threatened by a beautiful boy and rescued by unknown family. Now she’s got an uncontrollable power, a household of reapers and shifters and her survival rests with the boy who tried to kill her.

End Matter is a novella, inspired by the work of Stephen King, and the mysticism of New England. Fellow self published and indie authors would certainly enjoy this short, yet clever and enjoyable thriller.

Lola’s keeping a secret, she’s vampire, and she fears if her new crush Dillon finds out, he’ll reject her, just like her mortal ex did. But when the need to feed causes Lola to make a serious mistake, an old enemy takes the opportunity to wreak revenge, framing Dillon for murder.

Delve into the early 19th century’s world and accompany the journeys of several historical and fictional characters, whose fates are to converge towards the Fiji islands, while the world is shaken by Napoleonic wars, struggles for independences, global trade, anti-slavery movements and clashes of civillisations.

Nightmares or waking dreams? Only the keeper of the Legend knows…and it’s up to him to keep them from Harm! Enter a world of magic, mayhem, and mystery you may never be able to leave…if the Spirit of Lohocla captures you in its embrace!

John Biscello
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Underground Title

A spectral, existential noir set against the aging irons of Coney Island and old guard lions of hip hop and silent film, Broken Land, a Brooklyn Tale tracks the singular odyssey of would-be sleuth and soon-to-be wordsmith, Salvatore Massimo Lunezzi. Pr …

John Biscello
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Underground Title

In this rogue’s tale, full of sound, fury, and erotic surrealism, we meet Alex Fillameno, a writer who has traded in the machine-grind of New York for a bare bones existence in the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico. Recently divorced and jobless, Fi …

Pitch Perfect Finalist

The Timesnatcher has kidnapped three teens twenty years into the future. Three tangled time trails creates a paradox that will take all the wits of Jack, Annabelle and Nicolas; but, with the ability to bend time and space, they might just pull it off.

Archangel Lucifer learns that Heaven is empty, and his Father is missing. Seeking answers, he’s confronted by a race of Creator-Gods unhappy with his heretic Father and the world He’d created. They imprison Lucifer in Hell and plan to wipe out this heresy by letting Darkness reclaim the earth.

For Cassidy “Cas” Dubois, being forgotten is not just an unfortunate occurrence, it is her profession. When she fails at escaping her indentured service, things go sideways and her troubles of being unremembered pale in comparison to the larger crisis at hand.

A healer must mend a fractured kingdom and bring two enemy racies together before a greater threat destroys them both.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Half-angel Penelope seems like a normal child, but her hidden powers make her a target for malicious heavenly beings. Now Moira finds herself caught in a terrifying struggle against creatures more powerful than she can imagine–one of which is her daughter’s father. The foundations of reality will be shaken.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A mysterious volume in an unknown tongue, a thief who could change the course of the world, and a closely guarded secret older than Humankind.

Renee Miller
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Underground Title

The gift of power comes with strings, which are usually attached to angry gods.

Thomas Cardin
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Since the Red Event, one out of every hundred people have gained super powers. Rather than a golden age of heroes, the results are catastrophic. The transformed have become villains. A few have become unstoppable monsters. If the world is to survive, true heroes will have to be made.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Bree thought she and her father were safe from the King… until the day Elemental soldiers recognize her father as a traitor. Now, Bree must unravel the knot of her father’s past before the King takes his life– and uses her to bring a nation to its knees.

A family goes on vacation and is haunted by ghosts and nightmares. But when their daughter goes missing, the real nightmare begins.

The legend of Sawney Bean has long been discussed and adapted into other stories. There has been discussion on which parts of the tale are fact and which parts are fiction. This is the story from the mans mouth himself. Sawney Beans journey from a twel …

When the mysterious and devastating prophecies surrounding her family are revealed, Antigone must choose where her allegiance lies: With the gods who have betrayed her family but who she is obliged to serve? With her plague ridden city? With her family which lay in ruins? Or even with herself?

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Cloak of Shadows is a 21st Century Camelot tale with modern day knights, creatures that lurk in the shadows, and dragons.

Kate, a frightened, desperate woman on the run, and Ankou, a lonely, fallen God of Death, are united in a magical soulmate bond. Can these two broken people find a way to fit all their disparate pieces together into a stronger, united whole?

This book will appeal to readers who enjoy erotic paranormal fantasy, even if it isn’t backed by a terribly exciting story. 

Review by A post with the ID $staff does not exist.

Missing Siberian Tigers, South Beach parties on aircraft carriers and shenanigans in Pyongyang should make this campy thriller a delight for fans of Dr. Strangelove and Burn After Reading.

A post-apocalyptic tale of the pagan gods and their return to the world of men.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Full of surprise twists and unexpected turns, The Final Seven is a heart-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Just when Oz gets used to being dead, the Reapers come recruiting. It’s a new job with benefits, but it is worth the cost?

“Monroe…explores religious identity and redemption, giving a passing nod to comedy as she boldly showcases the psychological and physical horrors of radicalism… With a promising comedic beginning and over-the-top characters, the well-written story provides an often scathing indictment of the human condition.” ~ Publishers Weekly

Review by Richard Jones

On a back alley in Toronto’s Kensington Market, above the Heaven & Earth Bakery, there’s an apartment with a room for rent. The rent is negotiable. The location varies. Humans need not apply.

The Tenants of 7C is a unique paranormal plot that includes a cast of human-like mythical creatures. While Degan’s often-humorous scenes are rather refreshing, aficionados of this genre may find themselves frustrated with her weak character development.

Review by Anita Lock

An old evil returns to the world of men, yet hope lives in the mountains, and his name is one of dark legend.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Palmer Tash and Brier Chastain both have unusual maladies. When they are both kidnapped, they discover their disabilities are actually budding powers. With their country on the brink of war, the two must step into their predestined roles and learn to take control of their own destinies.

Finnish, Celtic, Aztec, African, Greek, Roman, Slavic, Hindu Gods and more are featured in this loosely based but tightly woven modern mythology about 33 million Gods and one man trying like hell to live under the same roof.

Author J.L Gribble brings Vampires, Warriors, and Mages together in this fantasy adventure. Sink your fangs intox “Steel Victory”.

An unemployed aero-engineer receives an unusual besom broom, becoming part of a heart racing adventure.

Igor Goldkind
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IS SHE AVAILABLE pushes the edge of what is possible with present-day ebooks. It is not an App, it is a true book that marries pop art, comics, avant-garde, jazz, spoken word poetry, video and animations, The collaborative work of artists, musicians, editors, and designers from two continents. Adriano Bulla, Literature Blog

This adventure for 5 teens is based on the planet Superi 3,000 years after the battle with earth. The Superian people have lived a cursed life after losing the war against the Greek and Egyptian earthling gods.

James Weems can eavesdrop on the chit-chat of germs. Within these invaders lie the secrets of every living thing. James could end disease’s reign over mankind. Others also possess this gift, and tampering with its works will incur their wrath. And tampering is precisely what James intends to do.

Ezembe has unique story concept with a lot of potential. Those who enjoy medical science-fiction and don’t mind a touch of the supernatural will find it interesting. The story is intriguing enough to keep the reader turning pages, but the ending doesn’t quite live up to the promise, more due to the flat characters than the plot.


Review by Lynne Hinkey

J.R. Hamantaschen
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The follow-up to his critically acclaimed collection, You Shall Never Know Security, J.R. Hamantaschen returns with another collection of his inimitable brand of weird, dark fiction. At turns despairing, resonant, macabre and insightful, these nine stories intend to stay with you.

Considered for Review

Inspired by “The Wheel of Time”, Daygo’s Fury is the first book in an epic fantasy of huge scale. Character-centric and real; a flawed boy, with extraordinary power, in a harsh world, fights to survive and find a future.

Sam of Haywood is the most promising Paladin trainee in Thule… and knows it. The problem? Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of a duke. Disguising her gender, Sam fights alongside the warrior elite. But war is coming, and Sam must pick a side. Will saving the kingdom cost her life–or just her heart?

Paladin is an outstanding fantasy novel of the swords/high fantasy sub-genre, fit for YA or adult audiences. The book can stand alone, but it also sets up a world for more adventures, and I hope the author provides them. This is a fantastic book that shows what great promise there is in independent publishing. You can’t go wrong with Paladin.

Review by A post with the ID $staff does not exist.