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The Bulletin BoardLast post
Authors Seeking ServicesNeed an editor or cover designer? Post a little something here about your project and budget.
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Industry Professionals Seeking GigsCover designers, editors, publicists, publishers... if you are looking for work, let our authors know what you have to offer!
7 Topics
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Peer Review SwapsLooking for a Beta Reader? You will only get out as much as you put in. Offer your services and look for writing partners here.
8 Topics
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EventsDo you have a reading scheduled? An interview? Let everyone know!
11 Topics
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Calls for SubmissionPublishers and editors, post your submission guidelines here!
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The Round TableLast post
IntroductionsGo ahead, introduce yourself!
42 Topics
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Bewares & Horror StoriesAs indie authors we need to stick together. Help your fellow authors learn from your mistakes.
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Tips, Tricks and Success StoriesWords of wisdom are always welcome!
16 Topics
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Indie Fan ClubTalk about your favorite indie authors. And keep it indie, please!
9 Topics
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BrainstormingGot a novel idea? Toss it around here!
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FeedbackWe are open to suggestions. What could we change? How can we grow? Positive feedback is welcome as well. Please use our contact form for specific, in-depth questions or concerns.
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