Alliance of Independent Authors

ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) is a non-profit professional association for author-publishers.

Pronouced “Ally” not “Allee” (We are your indie author ally, you see!), we are a global organisation, organised across eight publishing territories:

South America

We offer connection and collaboration, advice and education, advocacy and representation to writers who want to self-publish well.

Our diverse, supportive and friendly community has four membership levels: three for authors, from Associate (planning to self-publish) to Professional (earning a living as an author-publisher); and a Partner Membership for good services that are willing to be vetted and approved.

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Services Offered

Author Service: Alliance of Independent Authors

CODE OF STANDARDS ALLi has a Code of Standards for both Partner and Author Members and a Watchdog Desk. By displaying your membership badge on your website, you reassure readers and reviewers that they are in the hands of an independent author who valu …


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