Lillium Publishing House LLC

Lillium Publishing House LLC

Our Mission

Lillium Publishing is a non profit small press that strives to take the stress and fear out of ePublishing. Our mission is to help first time and veteran authors excel in both the literary world and the ever changing world of the internet and social media, while giving them a publishing house and name to write under. We edit, format, list and market our authors, offer them one on one consultations and lifetime support so that they have the time to do what authors do best; write. With a publishing house on your side, skip the hassle and fear of working with shady businessmen who only want your money, while retaining the peace of mind that only YOU are making money off of your work. Lillium Publishing fights for our authors; once you’re in our spectrum, you’ll have a home and a family for life, not just the life of your work.

Our Goal

From the day we opened our virtual doors, Lillium Publishing has worked tirelessly to package, market and present our authors in the competitive world of publishing. In a world of companies and programs that promise impossible results, marketing schemes and freemium metrics while funneling money out of first time authors, our goal has always been to make ePublishing as painless as possible without our authors having to pay a single dime out of pocket. Our main focus is the success of our authors, the satisfaction of our readers, and the integrity of our company.

Our Story

Lillium Publishing was a brain child of our president Marion Bradley, an editor with over thirty years experience in the publishing world. When Amazon’s Kindle and the iBooks store first made it possible for indie authors to get their voices heard all over the world, she watched as the budding community was immediately swarmed with vultures. Charging ridiculous rates, feeding authors lies and robbing them of their work was the status quo, and with the start of Lillium Publishing in 2012, she set out with a mission to change the world forever.

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Services Offered

Publisher: Lillium Publishing House LLC

What we’re looking for: Lillium Publishing looks to publish novels, either standalone or as part of a greater series, FICTION ONLY in any literary genre. We’re not looking to publish non-fiction, poetry or plays, graphic novels or anything else that is …


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