Beta Issue 11

September 28, 2015

Review of Long Live Grover Cleveland by Robert Klose

by Lynne Hinkey       Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

Well-written, Long Live Grover Cleveland is an entertaining look at academic life, filled with both subtle and laugh out loud observations on the egos and insecurities that fuel it. A formatting issue in the electronic version results in numerous, random line breaks that interrupt the reading flow, but the meticulous editing of the narration, and the fun story with a feel-good ending more than make up for the inconvenience. An enjoyable read, definitely worth it, particularly for anyone who has experienced college-life in any form.

Interview With Robert Klose

by Lynne Hinkey            

Robert Klose is the author of Long Live Grover Cleveland, a hilarious satire on academia, his first novel. His previous works include Adopting Alyosha: A Single Man Finds a Son in Russia, chronicling his quest in finding and bringing home his first son; two essay collections, Small Worlds: Adopted Sons, Pet Piranhas, and Other Mortal Concerns and The Three-Legged Woman and Other Excursions in Teaching; and a children’s book, The Legend of the River Pumpkins. In this interview, Robert says “…after marinating in the culture of higher academia for many years, and bearing witness to the often amusing and sometimes unbelievable circumstances that tend to erupt in such a closed system, I felt that only fiction could do it justice.”


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