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March 28, 2016

Review of Lurk by Adam Vine

by Steve Wetherell       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars      

Lurk is a fresh and clever horror with a well-written cast of memorable characters. With a measured balance of mystery, suspense and reality bending horror, fans of the genre will find themselves breezing through this book in one or two sittings. It’s a real page turner, relying as much on the psychologically disturbing as its moments of grotesque imagery and supernatural creep.

Future Stress (And How To Deal with It)

by Steve Wetherell      

If you’re planning on using current technological implications to shape your future world, then Future Stress is something that is bound to affect you— now so more than ever. So how to deal with? Booze? Well, yes, but also other things…

Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

Over the last month, our top submissions were put to a vote. This one came out on top.

Pretty Waste

Votes: 3

Welcome to the New Year on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where talk might be cheap (though nothing else is), scheming and manipulation are second nature, intentions are never pure as driven snow, and not even the shrinks can be trusted.

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