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April 4, 2016

Review of A Danger to God Himself by John Draper

by Anita Lock       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars      

John Draper’s irreverent approach to spirituality is nothing less than downright refreshing. His unique debut maintains a nice balance between the holy and the profane from beginning to end. Offering his audience an intriguing and provocative read, A Danger to God Himself is perfect for those who appreciate reading about hypocrisy in organized religion while at the same time are doing a bit of soul searching. Comes highly recommended!!

Author Spotlight: Lynette Hill

Lynette Hill is a lifelong nomad obsessed with fantasy, folklore and mythology. In between teasing her cat and drinking too much black coffee she travels around Britain and writes fantasy novels.

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Drawn To You

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She’s feisty, adventurous, and in trouble. He’s the last person she expects to rescue her. Will she choose to protect her heart or trust the only man who ever rejected her?

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