Steve Wetherell: At the Molehills of Madness

August 29, 2016

Review of The New Lease by John Stryder

by Steve Wetherell       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

In a particularly homogenous genre, The New Lease stands out as something very different. For a start, there’s very little reliance on action and suspense to keep you interested. There’s no cheap tricks to keep the pace flowing. What The New Lease relies on instead is a sumptuous cultural immersion and a highly intriguing concept.

Branding: Hugh Howey, Pokemon Go and Weeding the Garden

by Steve Wetherell      

Brand might seem like a word a marketing executive says before she eats a live baby or however it is they work their terrible magics, but if you’re an author and you’re shilling your books then you have a brand whether you realise it or not. Social media is your platform, how you behave on social media, how you are perceived on social media, is your brand.

Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

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Guessing at Normal

Votes: 3

Jill’s content living an uneventful life until she falls for rocker James Sheridan. Touring, groupies and James’ partying leave her wondering if she can survive this fast-paced lifestyle. When her poems end up as songs on James’ album, she has to learn to live in a spotlight all her own.

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  1. Graeme Doyle

    Good review of the Sryker book. Made me want to run to the
    bookstore and get a copy.

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