A Second Chance at Style

October 17, 2016

Top Pick! Review of The Last Second Chance by Jim Nesbitt

by Anita Lock       Selected as a Top Pick!      

The first book in the Ed Earl Burch series, The Last Second Chance isn’t for everyone. Audiences who get a thrill out of Quentin Tarentino’s flicks will no doubt find Nesbitt’s plot captivating from beginning to end.

Style and Voice Part 2: Finding Your Voice

by Renee Miller            

Last week we discussed writing style and how voice is an important element of a good one. But what the heck is “voice” when referring to writing. Well, let’s see…


Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

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Healing Ruby by Jennifer H. Westall

Pitch Perfect Finalists

The Eighth Day Brotherhood by Alice M. Phillips
Wanna-be’s by Mark Connelly
The Goat by Bill Kieffer
Bloodwalker by L.X. Cain
Patriarch Run by Benjamin Dancer

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