A Second Chance at Style

October 17, 2016

Top Pick! Review of The Last Second Chance by Jim Nesbitt

by Anita Lock       Selected as a Top Pick!      

The first book in the Ed Earl Burch series, The Last Second Chance isn’t for everyone. Audiences who get a thrill out of Quentin Tarentino’s flicks will no doubt find Nesbitt’s plot captivating from beginning to end.

Style and Voice Part 2: Finding Your Voice

by Renee Miller      

Last week we discussed writing style and how voice is an important element of a good one. But what the heck is “voice” when referring to writing. Well, let’s see…

This Week’s Sales and Giveaways

We have 8 sales and giveaways going on this week, including A SECOND HAND LIFE by Pamela Crane: “After receiving a heart transplant from a young murder victim, Mia Germaine is plagued by nightmares. Are they clues to solving a murder case, or grim phantasms leading her further into danger? “A Secondhand Life” weaves a tale of reclaimed dreams as this taut thriller ensnares you.”

Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

Over the last month, our top submissions were put to a vote. This one came out on top.

Healing Ruby

Votes: 13

In rural Depression-era Alabama, 14-year-old Ruby Graves must face poverty, racial barriers, and a pastor bent on her destruction in order to find the faith she needs to unlock a mysterious gift of healing.

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