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December 5, 2016

Does Your Book Qualify for Assigned Reviews?

by Amy R. Biddle      

The Assigned Review program is designed to fund and expand our free Selected Review program. In an effort to reach more authors and pay our Reviewers fairly, we came up with the Assigned Review program, a system in which Certified authors may pay to assign their book to an available reviewer. We like to think of it as crowdfunding for indie authors; every paid-for Assigned Review helps fund a free Selected Review.

Review of By Summer’s Last Twilight by Robert J. Stava

by Steve Wetherell       Reviewer Rating: 3.5 Stars       1

By Summers Last Twilight, with only a few omissions of the more graphic descriptions, could have easily been billed as a Stranger Things style YA adventure. As it stands, with plenty of sex and violence throughout, the novel is an unapologetic thrill ride for those who have a taste for the supernatural.

Review of The Tenants of 7C by Alice Degan

by Anita Lock       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

The Tenants of 7C is a unique paranormal plot that includes a cast of human-like mythical creatures. While Degan’s often-humorous scenes are rather refreshing, aficionados of this genre may find themselves frustrated with her weak character development.

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Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

Over the last month, our top submissions were put to a vote. This one came out on top.

The Apotheosis Break

Votes: 2

An airshipman’s life is violent and short, but Vasili still wants to breathe in the clouds. His father, a swashbuckling airship captain, died mysteriously when Vasili was young, leaving behind a half-told legend. When chance strikes, the boy disappears into the skies to chase his father’s fate.

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