A UBR Miller/Wetherell Double Feature Issue!

February 13, 2017

Review of Kill’t Dead or Worse by Richard Hacker

by Brian Braden       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

“Kill’t Dead or Worse” is a smart novel chocked full of great characters and light humor. Finding humor and action surrounding Texas culture and a toxic waste dump, “Kill’t Dead or Worse” is anything but toxic.

The War On Descriptive Writing

by Renee Miller      

The general “rule” is to avoid purple prose or fluffy narrative, writers should avoid the use of adverbs and adjectives whenever possible. I say there ain’t nothing wrong with an adjective, guys. Even a well-placed adverb is all right now and then.

Shyness and The Indie Author

by Steve Wetherell      

The symptoms of shyness and social anxiety are often born of being a perennial outsider, and this can be very useful indeed to a writer. In a sense, us writers report the news, we don’t make it. Standing on the side lines can sometimes give you a better view of the game. However, I worry that normalising the “LOL introvert!” trope is something of a crutch, the same way that when I joke about my weight, I worry I might be making excuses as to why I drove past my gym last night because I saw an ice cream van.

Underground Author Blogs with Talpa the Bookmole

by Brian Braden      

There is a lot more to Underground Book Reviews than just great reviews and books. We’re a gateway to blogs and articles from high-quality authors. You could browse Underground Book Reviews for hours, finding tips on writing, author resources, and enjoyable articles on many subjects. This week, Talpa brings you five members from the UBR Community of Authors.

Meet UBR Co-Founder Brian L. Braden.

by Brian Braden      

Underground Book Reviews co-founder Brian L. Braden is returning to Florida’s Amelia Island Book Festival this Saturday, 18 February. From 10 am to 5 pm, he’ll be selling and signing his newest book, the epic fantasy adventure THE GOLDEN PRINCESS. He will also be talking to authors and readers about Underground Book Reviews. If you are in the Jacksonville area, be sure to stop by!

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