A Gratefully Dead Issue.

March 27, 2017

Review of STANLEY MCCLOUD MUST DIE! by Adrian Baldwin

by Lynne Hinkey       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars       1

Fans of Monty Python-esque humor will enjoy the off-kilter characters, ever-stranger “Maggy Specials,” and hidden threads that tie Baldwin’s second story with his previous in the planned trilogy, “Let’s All Laugh at Death.” Although Stanley McCloud Must Die lacks some of the deeper character development and the strong emotional wringer of Barnacle Brat, the humor isn’t quite as bleak and so will appeal to a wider audience.

Review of THE DEAD HAVE SECRETS by Owen Parr

by Anita Lock       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars       1

This updated edition to the John Powers series is nothing less than an edgy read. Replete with unexpected twists and turns and a hint of romance, The Dead Have Secrets provides audiences with a top-notch political thriller—one that has definite Silver Screen potential.

The Price of Free

by Renee Miller      

Longevity is a rarity in publishing these days, in both traditional and indie markets, so it follows that a publisher has to do whatever it can to pay its authors. This is why we’re seeing Kickstarters for anthologies, and other crowdfunding campaigns to try to keep the doors open. As an author, I feel better knowing a publisher is able to fund itself, but the sad reality is readers have come to expect shit for free, or for next to nothing, so what’s a publisher to do? How can they stay afloat when they’re fighting a free market?

Current Sales and Giveaways

There are several sales and giveaways this week, including WILDFLOWERS by Aurora Thornton: “A monastic knight on a quest to learn how to save her world.”

Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

Over the last month, our top submissions were put to a vote. This one came out on top.

The Pirates of Brisa

Votes: 1

Thrust into his new life as a magic-wielding wyrmcaller, young Eskandar is confronted by madmen, pirates and deadly jinn, all gleefully out to kill him. To survive, he has to collect an army of… kids. Bewildered but determined, Eskandar, his faithful wyrmling Lothi-Mo, and his trusty companions battle the pirates of Brisa, who are kidnapping his friends. Will they manage to free them in time?

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