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April 10, 2017

Review of Public Information by Rolf Margenau

by Jennifer Ellis       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars       1

The story of Wylie Cypher, a twenty-something infantryman who arrives in war torn Korea in 1952, Public Information is a highly enjoyable, detailed read It gives the reader a real sense of what it was like in the war with lovable characters to root for and a great feeling of years gone by.

Basic Book Promotion on an Indie Budget

by Lauren Faulkenberry      

Being an indie publisher means you have to do endless self-promotion, and frankly I’d rather be writing. But in the year since my first novel was published, I’ve learned a few simple things I can do on a regular basis to keep my books visible. Here are a few of the easiest tricks I’ve learned, which you can do right from your desktop.

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You don’t want to read Common Enemy if you’re thinking about taking a Caribbean cruise – but if you’re already booked, watch your back and be sure to keep your cabin door locked at night.

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