Swim Closer, Children

May 1, 2017

4.5 Star Review of TO SWIM BENEATH THE EARTH by Ginger Bensman

by Candi Sary       Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

To Swim Beneath the Earth should delight readers who enjoy literary fiction and appreciate beautiful language. It’s a novel that pulls the reader completely into its world. Those who enjoy mystical fiction will certainly relish Bensman’s inventive plotline, psychic phenomenon and past lives. It may not be a good fit for readers searching exclusively for fast-paced action but will certainly satisfy those who revel in a rich story told with detail and depth.

Interview With Ginger Bensman

by Candi Sary       Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

Learn more about Ginger Bensman, an outdoor enthusiast with an interest in mythology and indigenous South American cultures, and the author of TO SWIM BENEATH THE EARTH. She talks about the extensive research that went into the novel, her methodology, organization, and how she turned a personal obsession into a stunning piece of fiction.

3.5 Stars – Review of THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS (The Seekers Book 1) by David Litwack

by Sandra Ruttan       Reviewer Rating: 3.5 Stars      

Highly recommended. I really enjoyed the story and the friendship, and for a book titled The Children of Darkness, it was a story that seemed to be underscored with hope. There are a few nitpicky writing things that keep this story from scoring higher, such as shifts in the spelling of gray to grey, formatting issues with the Kindle file, some point of view shifts, and some odd phrasing that renders the meaning unclear, such as ‘she startled to a doorway’, but in spite of that, the story was compelling and that overshadowed the occasional technical shortcomings in the writing and formatting.

Come Closer, Snowflakes

by Renee Miller            

There’s nothing wrong with confidence. Nothing wrong with believing in yourself or being proud of what you’ve written. There is, however, something wrong when you start to believe you’re better than everyone else.

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