Yes, Pity and Anger Exist

July 24, 2017

Review of The Existence of Pity by Jeannie Zokan

by Candi Sary       Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

The Existence of Pity will appeal to young adults as well as adults. Well-written and thought provoking, it’s the kind of novel that will have readers thinking about Josie’s dilemmas even after they’ve completed the book. It is rather tame compared to the more strident YA novels out there—no mean girls, teenage promiscuity or intense parties. Readers looking for that kind of enticement won’t find it in this novel. What they will find is a sixteen-year-old’s thoughtful search for her own identity in a conflicting and sometimes hypocritical world.

Interview with Jeannie Zokan

by Candi Sary            

Candi Sary interviews Jeannie Zokan, author of EXISTENCE OF PITY. Learn about Jeannie’s upbringing in Columbia and how it inspired her coming-of-age novel set in the mountains of Cali, Columbia.

Don’t Get Mad. (Seriously, don’t)

by Renee Miller            

Don’t become emotionally invested in the virtual reality that is social media. (Yes, I know it’s very real, but it shouldn’t consume your real life.) Forget about image. Forget about marketing and being likable. Forget about all the very good reasons you should NEVER lose your shit online.

Author Spotlight: Brett Armstrong

Here at the Underground, our goal is to promote as many quality indie authors as we can. Toward this end, we’re continuing Author Spotlights. If you are an author and like what you see, go to our submission page for a chance to be featured on Underground Book Reviews! Please welcome Brett Armstrong, winner of our most recent Pitch Perfect Pick competition!


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