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July 31, 2017

Top Pick! Review of THE COWBOY AND THE VAMPIRE by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

by Amy R. Biddle       Selected as a Top Pick!       2

With a fast pace and a well-developed world of vampire intrigue, THE COWBOY AND THE VAMPIRE is a perfect easy read for lovers of all adventure novels. More than a romance and breaking the stereotypes of both cowboys and vampires, this is a must-read if you enjoy unique fiction and fast-paced plots.

How Do I Go Indie?

by Renee Miller      

The bits and pieces that go into the physical process of publishing yourself are easy to learn about online. What a lot of these guys don’t mention is that it rarely amounts to anything in terms of money and it’s hard on the old ego.

Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

Over the last month, our top submissions were put to a vote. This one came out on top.

The Bombmaker’s Wife

Votes: 2

Will Jordan O’Duffy take his guns to school to exact revenge on those who sexually assaulted him in the locker room, or will the illegal immigrant who befriends him keep him from doing something terrible that he will never be able to undo?

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