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March 19, 2018

4.5 stars: Review of MALEFICA by Katie H. Weill

by Katie Rose Guest Pryal       Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

Malefica is perfect for fans off Melissa de la Cruz and Richelle Mead. An unpredictable and tightly woven plot, along with original world-building, keep this book moving forward at a fast clip.

Once Again, Don’t Be a Dick

by Renee Miller            

Bullying should be left where it belongs; with the childish things of the past. It should not be something adults engage in. It definitely shouldn’t be something so-called professionals would even consider being a part of.

Author Spotlight: Michael Ludden

Here at the Underground, our goal is to promote as many quality indie authors as we can. Toward this end, we’re continuing Author Spotlights. If you are an author and like what you see, go to our submission page for a chance to be featured on Underground Book Reviews! Please welcome Michael Ludden!


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