Strange Daffodils

July 9, 2018

4.5 stars: Review of A DAFFODIL FOR ANGIE by Connie Lacy

      Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

Strong writing and story-telling by a capable author who transports the reader back to the 1960s with depth, clarity and humor. Angie is a witty, likeable protagonist who has a heart for others and a mind of her own. She is a feminist being raised by a mother who has a 1950s view of women, which frustrates Angie. While the author may have tried to tackle too many social issues in one book, overall, this is a well-told, engaging story with a strong sense of time and place. Fans of Historical Young Adult novels or novels dealing with social issues, will enjoy this book.

Author Spotlight: Jim Stein

Jim Stein, author of Pitch Perfect Pick STRANGE TIDINGS, talks about the cost of marketing and the support of indie communities. “Communities like Underground Book Reviews are out there to help us. It takes searching and getting word of mouth recommendations, but there are great virtual locations like this where you can garner awards, accolades, and general exposure.”

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