Changing Death

October 15, 2018

TOP PICK! Review of LADY CHANGELING by Ken Altabef

by Bill Kieffer       Selected as a Top Pick!      

I really liked this book and the universe it’s set in. The whole thing reads likes the perfect Historical Urban Fantasy. I read it swiftly, carried it to bed, never left it behind in a restaurant, and general kept it with me until it was finished. I was really impressed with the characters of Eric and Theodora, especially the richness and drama of Eric’s past as it became part of the story. I enjoyed his internal struggle as he tried to fight against loving his wife upon discovering secret after betrayal after secret. I loved his interactions with his man, March. Theodora was impressive, too, attempting to stay true to both her mission and her love for Eric and the children. Steadiness and forthrightness isn’t a trait one expects in a fae. Indeed, Lady Changeling seemed as surprised at her deep love as her fairy friends thought she’d fallen for her own illusions.

2.5 stars: Review of DEATH IN THE DEVIL’S RANGE by Michael L. Patton

by Lynne Hinkey       Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars      

Dan Williams is a young widower who lives a quiet life on a ranch west of San Jose, California with his dog, Syd. When his neighbor, Dr. Wallis, is found dead in his workshop/garage and Dan’s bloody hammer is at the crime scene, Dan becomes a suspect in the murder. Mystery readers will enjoy the interesting, well-plotted story, and dog-lovers will like the relationship of the main character with his dog. Those expecting a fast-paced thriller might be disappointed with the tedious and uneven pace.

SHELFIES: Bob Nelson of Brick Cave Media

by Bill Kieffer            

Brick Cave Media (Brick Cave, BCM) was a branch company created from the literary nonprofit Anthology, Inc. Anthology organized many poetry related events, and as such has relationships with a number of performance poets. Seeing that there was not an organized way for these poets to produce and release albums, Brick Cave Media was founded to facilitate that, and in 2006 released their first product, a 3 Compact Disc “box set” from poet Bill Campana called “The Hit List”. When we decided to start publishing, we started with Author J.A. Giunta, first publishing his Guardians stories, then slowly expanding by adding author Sharon Skinner and her poetry collection In Case You Didn’t Hear Me the First Time and eventually her fantasy novel The Healer’s Legacy.


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