The End of a Strange Legacy

October 29, 2018

5 stars: Review of BONDS OF BLOOD & SPIRIT: LEGACIES by Deb Dorchak

by Chantelle Atkins       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars      

A slower book in some places, as so much history is revealed, and characters spend a lot of time talking and negotiating and plotting, but if you have enjoyed the rest of the series as much as me, you will find this interesting and vital to the plot of the book which leads to the final battle. A perfect tying up of loose ends revealed secrets and new alliances. I think I will continue to wonder, what happened next? I recommend this to readers who enjoy an epic saga, a vast but believable array of colourful characters, plus plenty of romance, danger, action and adventure. This series has it all.

4 stars: Review of STRANGER THAN MURDER by Adrienne Peterson

by Nada Qamber       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

The inner thoughts of a woman who is a suspect in a murder, homicide, and suicide. At first glance at the title, some would think this was going to be heavy since the plot involved a murder case, but you’d be surprised at how the novel would turn out. It had the element of a slightly gruesome scene and humor with a touch of romance.

4 stars: Review of GOD’S FORSAKEN by David Brevik

by Kate Ashley       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

GOD’S FORSAKEN is a great opening to what may be a well-beloved fantasy series. With its believable characters and funny dialogue, fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Chronicles of Narnia will find the same action-packed adventure in between these pages.

3.5 stars: Review of REMOTE ACCESS by Barry Finlay

by Sandra Ruttan       Reviewer Rating: 3.5 Stars      

Remote Access is billed as an international political thriller, and it delivers on that promise. National politics shape the motives and actions of many key characters in both China and the United States. International politics also guide their decisions. Since the book centers on the U.S. president’s plans to impose tariffs on China, it has a ripped-from-the-headline feel. Know yourself and be forwarned. If a ripped-from-the-headlines political thriller is right up your alley this may be the book for you. If you’d rather turn the news off and take a break from politics then you may find this book a little too real to fully appreciate.


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