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Endorsement for Broken Land

On page one of John Biscello’s Broken Land he writes: “Anyway, if I had an office and it had been a rainy Tuesday, then a tragic blonde with legs like scissors strong enough to cut a flesh-and-blood man in half might have walked in… but that’s not the way this story begins.” This remarkably well-written novel is brimming with offbeat poetry.

Salvatore, the narrator, begins the story by taking on the case of his missing writer-friend, Jimmy. Jimmy calls Sal to tell him that he’s dead, and the bizarre phone call inspires Sal to investigate. He claims he’s not quite an investigative journalist, or a private eye, but simply calls himself “curious.” And so the story follows this curious narrator though New York on an unusual journey to find his friend.

Among the novel’s colorful characters are the mysterious and gorgeous Anna, a drunken dwarf named Hen, the street-smart hustler Rico, and Claire from Ghostwriters, Inc. who literally calls on ghosts to inspire writers. These characters are wonderfully original and each has an impact on Sal as he searches for answers.

This is such a unique novel. On the surface, it’s a smart, entertaining and witty story. Underneath, it’s like a peek inside a writer’s mind, revealing the mystical art of storytelling. There are a few scenes that seem random along the way, but once everything comes together, the reader realizes that every page has its purpose. Biscello’s muse has not failed him.

Broken Land is easy to recommend. Any reader looking for something out of the ordinary would likely enjoy it. At 158 pages, this quick read never lets up on intrigue. It would also be an excellent novel for aspiring writers to read. First, they can learn about solid writing from Biscello’s example, but they can also find inspiration from his clever message.

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Endorsement for Black Sea Gods

...It has a feel of the classics, tales where gods and goddesses are made human, and left to mingle with us lowly mortals, often as much for their own benefit as ours.

There is a strong Chinese influence here .... In terms of narrative, the different voices are as strong as they are unique, really adding a poetic flair to things that, again, hearkens back to the classics. Visually, it's a stunning read, with a significant amount of detail imbued in almost everything. It can be overwhelming at times, particularly in its most violent aspects, but in a way that makes you appreciate, rather than resent, the picture being painted.

Above all else, this is an epic fantasy that feels new . . . fresh . . . unique. It's not your typical swords and sorcery epic, but neither is it your traditional historical epic. I hesitate to make the comparison, as it's unfair to hold Braden to such lofty standards, but there's a taste of Guy Gavriel Kay here that promises a bright future.

Endorsement for Black Sea Gods

"A thought-provoking read, Black Sea Gods is a little bit hard to get into, but once you do the trouble to get to know the characters and get into the story, it is quite addictive....The storyteller weaves an intricate and involved story, carrying different story lines with ease. The descriptions and conversations are well handled, and there are several memorable quotes that really attribute to the skill of the author. "

Endorsement for Black Sea Gods

"This epic fantasy raises the bar for Historical Fantasy to new heights.

I usually know after reading the first paragraph whether or not I will like a book. With Black Sea Gods, I knew after the first sentence that the writing itself would be good. Well, I was wrong. It is GREAT!

Interestingly, there are two different story-lines: One follows the arduous journey of an intrepid people; the other, the Chronicles of Fu Xi, tells of the birth, death and re-birthing of the gods. The marvel is how the two are fused into an "Aha-moment."

...A resounding "Highly Recommended."

Endorsement for Barnacle Brat (a dark comedy for grown-ups)

This laugh-out-loud dark comedy for adults only wins our 2015 Popular Choice award through social media voting.

Endorsement for Olga

Selected as the Underground Book Reviews 2015 Novel of the Year." [A] novel that is so full of imagination and character that it was impossible to put down...OLGA by Ted Kelsey is a romp through a magical world that is slightly reminiscent of familiar fairytales, but entirely of its own. Don't miss Ted Kelsey's debut novel."

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Endorsement for Black Sea Gods

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