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The following qualities are what we look for in the ideal candidate:
– At least two published books, professionally edited, with well designed covers and a good number of positive reviews on Amazon.
– A strong work ethic when it comes to promoting your own work.
– A website or blog and willing to place a link to on it.
– An Amazon author’s page with a bio and photo.
– Must be active on social media, especially Facebook. Twitter, Google+, etc is a bonus but Facebook is a must.
– Willing to list DeadPixel Publications as your publisher on Amazon or anywhere else your book is sold. This is not mandatory as you may have a “real” publisher or may not be comfortable doing so. Listing DPP as publisher among the authors helps to build the brand and puts all the books under one roof when searching online. For example, clicking on the “D.P.P. on Amazon” button above will list most of our books on Amazon. Listing DPP as your publisher does not take away the rights to your work or affect your royalties in any way. There are no membership fees or any other costs.
What will you get out of it?

– Your own page on this website listing your photo, bio, and links to all your books.
– Ability to post as DeadPixel Publications on Facebook via the fan page. We currently have around 300 likes and counting.
– New readers and more sales. We’ve already seen fans of individual members buy other members books. Many of our readers are always on the lookout to find new authors and at the core, that’s what DPP is all about. We don’t make any promises about increases in sales but as we grow it certainly is a goal of each and every one of us.
– Meet new people. We’re all here to help each other. Not only will you have access to other writers and benefit from their experiences, but you’ll meet some new readers as well. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Most of these relationships are built courtesy of Facebook which is why it’s so important you are active on it.
– The opportunity to work on group projects such a short story collections.
– We often help each other out when it comes to proofreading, beta reading, blurb help, cover design, and general advice.

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