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What we’re looking for:

Lillium Publishing looks to publish novels, either standalone or as part of a greater series, FICTION ONLY in any literary genre. We’re not looking to publish non-fiction, poetry or plays, graphic novels or anything else that is plainly not a prose novel. We do NOT accept unfinished or partially finished manuscripts. Please make sure your work is completely finished and polished before submitting or sending query emails.

If you think your novel would be a good fit and would like to submit it for consideration by our publishing house please email the following to

  1. A cover letter
  2. A detailed synopsis
  3. Three chapters of your manuscript

Please include the cover letter in the body of the email, and include all other materials as one single WORD attachment with your name and email address on each page of your submission. Please do not query us before your novel has been completed. Failure to adhere to the above format may regretfully result in rejection.

The book’s title must be clearly stated at the top of the query letter. The letter should then discuss the following: the book’s content, its anticipated length (in double-spaced pages or word count), its intended audience, and any promotional ideas and contacts the author may have. If the author has previously been published by another firm, please specify why a change is being sought.

We do not accept hardcopy submissions, and cannot return any that are received.


Submission Guidelines

→ Use a 1″ margin on all sides

→ Use a title page

→ Don’t number the title page. Begin numbering with the first page of the text of the book, usually the introduction, prologue, or chapter one

→ Use a header on each page, including your name, the title of your novel in all caps, and the page number.

→ Start each new chapter on its own page, one-third of the way down the page.

→ The chapter number and chapter title should be in all caps, separated by two hyphens: CHAPTER 1—THE BODY.

→ Begin the body of the chapter four to six lines below the chapter title.

→ Indent fives spaces for each new paragraph. 

→ Double-space the entire text.

→ Use a standard font, 12-point type. Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier is fine.

(We at Lillium Publishing strongly recommend using Scrivener to write, edit and compile your manuscript.)

Typical Accepted Manuscript Lengths

Novel – over 40,000 words

Novella – 17,500 to 40,000 words

Novelette – 7,500 to 17,500 words

Short story – under 7,500 words

We do not accept or publish flash fiction at this time. 

Lillium Publishing is a 501 ©3 nonprofit organization under the non profit corporation Act 162 of 1982. 100% of revenue generated via promotions and book sales go to the authors, with the exception of fees retained by our online seller Amazon. Lillium edits, formats, provides cover artwork and lists the work of our authors. We also assist in setting up and maintaining all associated social media channels. Lillium works hard alongside our authors to promote and market their work. We strive for the success and satisfaction of our authors, as well as an exemplary buyer experience. 

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