Release of Raking the Dust by Top Pick Author John Biscello

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It's our pleasure to announce the second book by author John Biscello, whose debut novel, BROKEN LAND, A BROOKLYN TALE, made it to our list of Top Picks in 2014, and subsequently won Novel of the Year! John Biscello was also a Novel of the Year judge last year, and helped pick our 2016 winner. As part of our team, John is no longer allowed to have his books reviewed, but we wish we could...

Here's a teaser:

"In this rogue’s tale, full of sound, fury, and erotic surrealism, we meet Alex Fillameno, a writer who has traded in the machine-grind of New York for a bare bones existence in the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico. Recently divorced and jobless, Fillameno has become a regular at The End of the Road, the bar where he first encounters the alluring and enigmatic D.J., a singer and musician. Drawn to her mutable sense of reality, the two begin a romance that starts off relatively normal. When D.J. initiates Alex into the realm of sexual transfiguration, however, their lives turn inside-out, and what follows is an anti-hero’s journey into a nesting doll world of masks and fragments, multiples and parallels, time-locks and trauma; a world in which reality is celluloid and what you see is never what you get."

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