Review of Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Reclamations by Deb Dorchak

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The Rundown

In this revealing third installment to the Blood and Spirits saga, the action picks up exactly where it left off at the end of Book Two. Diego, Regina and the rest of the motley pack of shape-shifting wolves, cats and vampires, are fighting for their lives and trying to protect Angelina and Cole’s newborn quads. I have to admit, having had a big gap between the books, I struggled for a few chapters to keep up with all the characters involved in these early scenes. Book One has a small group of characters making up the pack, which more than doubled in size throughout Book Two. However, a few chapters later, I was settled and comfortable, remembered who was who, and was easily able to follow the scenes. The book starts with an extended scene of furious action, drama and death, but the rest of the book felt like a more reflective and contemplative affair to me. That’s not to say it was at all lacking in the drama, suspense and romance I have come to expect from this series. But it felt like things were steadier in this installment, with old characters firmly established and newer ones finding their feet and their loyalties. The storyline first set up in Book One, that of Senator Flynn and his abhorrent treatment of women destined to be breeding stock for his ‘pride’, is brought to its conclusion in this book. His daughter Selene was rescued by Diego’s pack in Book Two and this book is very much about how she handles this, and all the revelations to come. This book had me wiping away the tears as we said goodbye to a few of the older characters. I won’t spoil anything by mentioning who or why. The story seemed to be tying up all the loose ends, but just before the last page, another storyline is set in motion, one that sees Regina’s past brought back to haunt her. As with all the books in this energetic series, this installment is full of great characters, vibrant scenes and breathtaking drama. I can also tell how very much these authors love and know their characters, and this world they have created, which makes it a real pleasure to read. A highly recommended series for lovers of fantasy mixed with steamy romance.

The Recommendation

Highly recommended, energetic and vibrant shape-shifting fantasy series. You will need to have read the first books to get to grips with this one, but this is a series worth diving into. Diego’s pack are forced to deal with evil Senator Flynn in this installment, after kidnapping his daughter Selene in book two. This book is very much Selene’s story, and we learn much more about the shape shifting cats and their Pride and legacy. The book ends on an explosive note, with Regina’s past coming back to haunt her and teasing us into wanting to read Book Four. Anyone who enjoys shape shifters, vampires, and character driven fantasy, will love this steamy series.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars

5 Stars (out of 5): Highly recommended. This book did exactly what it set out to do, with originality, style, and maybe even a twist. It stands out next to popular, traditionally published novels in its genre.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Characterization, Page Turner, Plot, Steamy Romance, Strong World-Building

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