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Review of ENTROPY by Joshua Edward Smith

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by Nada Qamber

The Rundown

Entropy, as defined in the book means disorder and chaos, centers around Lisa whose life slowly finds entropy after she meets her Dominant on Twitter. She’s in a fruitless marriage, and as is her Dominant, Sir, as she was ordered to call him since his name wasn’t mentioned throughout the book. Both D/s crave for things their current partners cannot and will not provide, which is love and kink.

The book starts off with how Lisa is portrayed as a middle-aged, sexy woman who has a slight addiction to social media, specifically Twitter. She’s depicted as a wife in an unhappy but content marriage and spends her time chatting with her Twitter followers and going to the gym. She has a routine that keeps her in balance and out of entropy until she connects with Sir. He was described as a highly intelligent, middle-aged, hot man who is a writer and has a knack of having minor submissive flings throughout Twitter.

When Lisa and Sir decide to begin their D/s online relationship—which some readers may find unnerving—that was when things started to slowly change for Lisa. She became more confident and experimental with situations in her life. But unfortunately with some of these changes came bigger drastic ones for Lisa, that gave this book a good amount of high’s and low’s that would keep the reader reading and eager to know how Lisa and Sir’s relationship would turn out.

Throughout their D/s relationship, the connection between Lisa and Sir would feel robotic at times since the dialogue was mostly through chat and imaginative sex scenes. It may confuse and take time for the reader to process and grow accustomed to their relationship and dealings as it may be a struggle for the reader to add color and expression that the dialogue lacked.

Otherwise, Entropy had Lisa breaking down and getting picked up by Sir in almost every turn that would keep us readers hanging.

The Recommendation

Be warned, the relationship in ENTROPY is mostly online and written via chat, so it may leave readers uncomfortable and/or confused. Still, this could be a good read for those who enjoy an odd touch of romance, erotica, and light BDSM.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars (out of 5): Needs work. This book has promise, and with the help of an editing team, it could easily be reworked into a professional manuscript.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Emotional, Steamy Romance, Surprise Ending
Cons: Character Developement, Dialogue, Simple Writing, Suspension of Disbelief

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The Reviewer

Nada Qamber

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