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Review of IMOGENE IN NEW ORLEANS by Hunter Murphy

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by Amanda McSweeney

The Rundown

Imogene Deal McGregor intends to have a real New Orleans vacation and she is not about to let murder get in the way of her plans. In Imogene in New Orleans, the feisty Imogene, her son, her son’s partner, and their English Bulldog travel to New Orleans to visit friends. But as soon as they arrive one of their friends is found murdered in his art studio. Since the local police don’t seem interested in solving the case, it’s up to Imogene and the boys to bring the killer to justice. As they wind their way through the various criminals and connections, Imogene also finds time to enjoy the city.

The story’s main strength lay in its depiction of New Orleans. The author imbues the setting with such a strong sense of place that the reader is instantly absorbed. Imogene is also a great deal of fun, getting into trouble and not tolerating any foolishness. However, the story leaves a great deal to be desired. The beginning of the mystery and the resolution both make sense, but the story in inconsistent in connecting them. Characters’ actions don’t mesh with their motives and the course of events calls for too much suspension of disbelief at points, leading to an unsatisfying read. Overall it has potential to be great but needs some more editing in order to do so.

The Recommendation

This book is recommended for fans of cozy mystery series, especially those set in the American South. However, it is not recommended for anybody who is looking for a serious story or a tight plot.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 3 Stars

3 Stars (out of 5): Pretty good. Sure, there were some issues, but it was still worth the read.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Humor, Strong World-Building
Cons: Character Developement, Dialogue, Plotline

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The Reviewer

Amanda McSweeney

Amanda McSweeney is an inactive librarian and freelance writer living in the Greater Boston area.

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