Review of LOYALTIES by Deb Dorchak

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The Rundown

Captivating and explosive! Bonds of Blood and Spirit: Loyalties, has enough drama, intrigue, grit and action to keep me loyal to this series. The authors have done a fantastic job of setting you up on a ride and letting you go. Everything is put into place perfectly in this book. Characters, plot, style, narrative, dialogue, and emotion. Not to mention the questions raised. This book takes you on a journey into the minds and lives of some very unusual people. It twists and turns, releasing detail when it is needed, with the excellent writing allowing the drama and the characters to show you the way.

Regina, a tough, confrontational ‘shifter’, has been assigned to Diego, her new ‘Alpha’ after years of abuse and bad treatment within another pack. Diego is an awesome character, whose role grows and swells throughout the book until the ending leaves you desperate to know more about his past. Cole and Harry are also well drawn, complex characters, who find themselves drawn into the world of shifters due to their involvement with Regina.

After spending the night with Regina, Cole goes away on a job, flying the prestigious Senator Flynn to Canada. What happens on that flight, sets Cole on a terrifying journey of discovery and survival. Meanwhile, Regina spends an epic night with Harry, before all the characters reconvene in the last, nail-biting chapters of the book. The shifters battle with vampires and experience everything from love, new life,  death, and rebirth. I was left breathless!

Expertly paced, with lust, rage, and mystery lurking on every corner, Loyalties, and indeed this entire series will appeal greatly to anyone who enjoys werewolf and vampire stories. The only drawback for me were the extended and rather graphic sex scenes, which I’m not personally a fan of, but for those who are, this book should have an even greater appeal.

The Recommendation

Loyalties is a captivating and explosive start to an intriguing shape-shifter series. This first book does a fantastic job of putting everything into place, leaving us thirsty for more. The plot involving shape-shifting humans is complex, but at no point does the writing leave us behind. It twists and turns at a galloping pace, and the characterisation is excellent. However, for readers who are not keen on extended and graphic sex scenes, this may not be the series for you!

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars

4.5 Stars (out of 5): Highly recommended. This book is a great read. It can hold its own against any traditionally published novel in its genre, and surpasses many.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Characterization, Page Turner, Plot, Steamy Romance, Strong World-Building
Cons: Graphic Sex Scenes

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