This Week’s Pitch Perfect Pick

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We receive 10-20 submissions each week, but we rarely publish more than one review! We’re sure we are missing out on some good books… and that’s where Pitch Perfect Picks come in! Every month our Submissions Editor chooses the five books that show exceptional professionalism and originality, and selects them as the week’s Pitch Perfect Nominations. After that, it’s up to our readers to vote on UBR and Facebook to help us choose the final Pitch Perfect Pick of the month. Below is the rundown for February 6, 2017.

Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

Over the last month, our top submissions were put to a vote. This one came out on top.

The Forgotten: Aten’s Last Queen

Votes: 5

During a time when there was more change and unrest than any other period in Egyptian history, 12-year-old Ankhesenamun became Queen over the most powerful nation of the ancient world. She was more than just a pharaoh’s wife. When sacrifices had to be made, she gave with everything she had.

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