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It's been a long time coming, but it's 2016 and we're "officially" launching our new, improved website. We've been operating at https://www.undergroundbookreviews.org for the better part of a year, and maintaining our old site as well (.com). Today, we're making the official switch - From now on, no new articles will be posted on the .com website, and all operations will take place here, at .org!

We like to think of our new site as "Goodreads meets Linkedin meets BookBub" but for indie authors only! It's still a work in progress, but our goal is to connect as many readers, authors and industry professionals as we possibly can. As always, we start by finding good indie books...

First, every book that comes our way is looked at by a panel of 2-3 moderators. The top 5 each week are nominated for our Pitch Perfect Pick badge, and any book that holds up to our basic quality standards is Underground Certified (the pitch and first few pages must be well-edited and professional).

The next selection process is the review. Reviewers are mostly authors who have been rated highly in the past. They can select any book they want, but usually go for Pitch Perfect Picks. Reviewers always try to pick books that they think they will like - but bad apples do slip the cracks. Every review comes with a star rating, and books that really stand out are selected at Top Picks. These are nominations for Novel of the Year.

The Novel of the Year is twofold - Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice. Editor's choice is determined by a team of judges and myself - Amy Biddle. Together, we read the Top Picks and rank them against each other until a clear winner presents itself. The Reader's Choice is determined by vote.

It just so happens that voting for our 2015 Novel of the Year begins today!


Amy R. Biddle

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