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Here's what will happen after you submit your book for review:

1) Our Submissions Editor receives your submission: We will and notify you if there are any major errors that need fixing before we continue (ex: cover image loaded sideways). This has no bearing on your chances of getting a review.

2) Our Moderators vote on the quality of each book: At the end of the week, our Submissions Editor decides which books are eligible for review and which books are , then selects up to 5 Pitch Perfect finalists. You will receive an email, letting you know if your book is eligible for review.

3) You will receive email notification of whether your book is eligible for review: If it is eligible for review, it will be automatically entered into our system, and Reviewers may choose to review it at any time. It will stay on our bookshelf indefinitely, waiting for a reviewer to notice it.

4) Wait and see if your book is chosen for a review by one of our Reviewers: Our Reviewers have a special dashboard, where we make personal recommendations for them. Pitch Perfect Pick winners and books that win other Badges are highly visible, and featured books with Badges are even more visible. In addition, Certified authors can schedule an Author Spotlight to be noticed by both Reviewers and readers, and Premium Subscribers can write personal notes to our Reviewers, which will show up first thing when he or she logs in to look for a book to review.

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