Are You a Bookmole?

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Bookmole (bo͝ok-mōl) - noun, a person dedicated to reading independent, banned, rare, foreign and otherwise underground literature.

You know you're a bookmole if...

You have stacks of books in your house, and any time someone comes over you try to get them interested in some obscure title.

You regularly go to author readings and events, but have yet to meet a 'famous' author.

You can spend hours in a dusty used bookstore down a back alley, but the lights in Barnes and Noble give you a headache.

You have 100 books on your Kindle by independent authors because you just can't help yourself - those 99 cent sales get you every time.

Well, are you a bookmole?

If so, you'll fit in just fine here. We believe our readers are a special kind of book lover. Not bookworms, but (you guessed it) bookmoles - voracious consumers of indie lit. That's why we've introduced our new mascot - Talpa the bookmole. You can expect to see her more and more throughout the site.

A big thanks goes out to Sammi Shupe, who designed Talpa. Sammi calls herself "the weird girl who love cats, but owns a pitbull mix named Grace." She is a full-time art and film director for a natural products company in Rochester, NY and took this project on the side with great enthusiasm. Don't hesitate to check out Sammi's work if you need a graphic designer or cartoonist to help you with your next book cover.


Amy R. Biddle

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