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November 5, 2018: Underground Book Reviews is Closed
    -  Must-Reads From the Dawn of the Underground
    -  An Outpost in the Infinite Library
    -  Review of An Unexpected Afterlife by Dan Sofer
    -  Review of The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Richard T. Ryan
October 29, 2018: The End of a Strange Legacy
    -  5 stars: Review of BONDS OF BLOOD & SPIRIT: LEGACIES by Deb Dorchak
    -  4 stars: Review of STRANGER THAN MURDER by Adrienne Peterson
    -  4 stars: Review of GOD’S FORSAKEN by David Brevik
    -  3.5 stars: Review of REMOTE ACCESS by Barry Finlay
October 22, 2018: Forgotten Shadows
    -  4 stars: Review of THE FORGOTTEN GEMSTONE by Kit Daven
    -  3.5 stars: Review of SHADOW PLAY by Jill Ramsower
October 15, 2018: Changing Death
    -  TOP PICK! Review of LADY CHANGELING by Ken Altabef
    -  2.5 stars: Review of DEATH IN THE DEVIL’S RANGE by Michael L. Patton
    -  SHELFIES: Bob Nelson of Brick Cave Media
October 8, 2018: Goodbye, World!
    -  Underground Book Reviews Goes Under
    -  3.5 stars: Review of DOWN IN THE BELLY OF THE WHALE by Kelley Kay Bowles
    -  Author Spotlight: Guillermo Stitch
October 1, 2018: Long Days of Sunshine
    -  3.5 stars: Review of ALTERNI by Sunshine Somerville
    -  Author Spotlight: Tom Minder
September 24, 2018: Guardians of the Indieverse
    -  4.5 stars: Review of THE GUARDIAN – BLOOD IN THE SAND by MJ Kobernus
September 17, 2018: Shelf Heros
    -  TOP PICK! Review of HERO FORGED by Josh Erikson
    -  SHELFIES: Joe Mynhardt of Crystal Lake Publishing
September 10, 2018: Justin Time Issue
    -  Review of I Was Justin’s Nanny by David Belisle
September 3, 2018: Stormy Issue
    -  Review of STORM OF ARRANON by Robynn E Sheahan.
    -  Author Spotlight: Steven C. Harms
August 27, 2018: An Intoxicating and Relevant Issue
    -  5 Stars: Review of Intoxic by Angie Gallion
    -  Book Marketing: Staying Relevant
August 20, 2018: The Anthropomorphic Elephant Issue
    -  Review of Padma and the Elephant Sutra by W L Snowden
    -  SHELFIES: B.K. Bass of Kyanite Press
August 13, 2018: Victorious Island
    -  Top Pick! Review of THE ISLAND by Nathan Rogers
July 23, 2018: Perfect Cravings
    -  5 stars: Review of CONSTANT CRAVING by Tamara Lush
July 16, 2018: Representing the Crow's Nest
    -  3 stars: Review of CROW’S REST by Angelica R. Jackson
    -  SHELFIES: Chelsea Lauren of Represent Publishing
June 25, 2018: Bad Daughters
    -  Review of The Fisherman’s Daughter by Robin Barefield
    -  Bad Behavior
    -  SHELFIES: The 2018 Bisexual Book Awards!
June 4, 2018: Stranger Themes.
    -  2.5 stars: Review of WHEN A STRANGER COMES by Karen S. Bell
    -  Author Spotlight: David W. Berner
May 28, 2018: Hunting for the Right Words.
    -  3 stars: Review of IHUNT by David A Hill Jr
    -  Wrong Words
    -  Author Spotlight: Frank Morelli
May 21, 2018: Angels and Wishes.
    -  4 stars: Review of GUARDIAN ANGEL by Anne Rouen
    -  Top Pick! Review of ESME’S WISH by Elizabeth Foster
    -  SHELFIES: Brett Brooks of Pandahead Publishing
May 14, 2018: Good Enough.
    -  4 stars: Review of DOWN TO NO GOOD by Earl Javorsky
    -  Author Spotlight: Michelle E. Lowe
May 7, 2018: Fake Snow
    -  Fake it Till You Make It?
    -  2 stars: Review of SNOW by Mikayla Elliot
April 30, 2018: A Fateful Issue
    -  3.5 stars: Review of A FATEFUL MELODY by Megan Rivers
    -  SHELFIES: Catherine Lundoff of Queen of Swords Press
April 23, 2018: An Introduction to Spring
    -  3 stars: Review of INTRODUCING GERTRUDE, GUMSHOE by Robin Merrill
April 16, 2018: A Charitable Review
    -  4 stars: Review of CHARITABLE HEARTS by EJ McCay
April 9, 2018: Torn Books
    -  5 STAR REVIEW: The Book of Ralph by Christopher Steinsvold
    -  SHELFIES: Adele Wearing of Fox Spirit Books
April 2, 2018: For the Love of Words
    -  Interview with Monty Johnston
    -  2 stars: Review of THE GHOST OF TOM MIX by Michael Sprankle
March 19, 2018: Let's be Positive
    -  4.5 stars: Review of MALEFICA by Katie H. Weill
    -  Once Again, Don’t Be a Dick
    -  Author Spotlight: Michael Ludden
March 12, 2018: Follow Our Path
    -  Review of TO ENTER THE PATH by Stephanie Flores
March 5, 2018: Death to Usurpers
    -  3.5 stars: Review of THE DEATH OF ANYONE by DJ Swykert
February 26, 2018: Blind Love
    -  3.5 stars: Review of LOVE ON TRIAL by PC Zick
    -  SHELFIES: Nicole Kimberling of Blind Eye Books & One Block Empire
    -  Author Spotlight: Dan Chabot
February 12, 2018: Horror For All
    -  4 stars: Review of YOU, ME AND US by Liam Hurley
    -  Why It’s Tough to Be a Woman in Horror
February 5, 2018: The Novel of the Year Competition Continues
    -  Don’t Forget to Vote for the 2018 Novel of the Year!
    -  4 stars: Review of Waking Chaos by T.L. Callahan
January 29, 2018: Ghosts and Werewolves
    -  3 stars: Review of GHOSTS AMONG MEN by Laura Del
    -  SHELFIES: Angela Quinton of Werewolves Vs.
January 22, 2018: A Hidden Well
    -  When the Well Runs Dry
    -  3.5 stars: Review of HIDDEN IN THE DARK by RaShell Lashbrook
January 15, 2018: Don't be a Princess
    -  2.5 stars: Review of MYSTIC PRINCESS by Kelli Marie
January 8, 2018: Not a Simple Romance
    -  4 stars: Review of RHAPSODY by Lauren Rico
January 1, 2018: Happy Novel of the New Year!
    -  It’s On! Vote for the 2018 Novel of the Year
    -  4.5 stars: Review of LIGHT DAWNING by Ty Arthur
December 25, 2017: Merry Christmas!
    -  3.5 stars: Review of WESTMORE AND MORE! by by Jud Widing
    -  Endings and Beginnings: Good Riddance, 2017
December 18, 2017: Keep on Publishing
    -  4 stars: Review of KEEPING CLAUDIA by Suzanne McKenna
    -  SHELFIES: Morissa Schwartz of GenZ Publishing
December 11, 2017: In the Shadows
    -  4 stars: Review of SHADOWED STRENGTH by by Wendi L. Wilson
December 4, 2017: The Power of Wrecking Balls
    -  Review of WRECKING BALLS by Joe Giambrone
    -  The Power of People
November 27, 2017: Running Late
    -  Review of DRAWN TO YOU by Liwen Ho
    -  SHELFIES: Peter Frycki of Out In Jersey Magazine and OutInJersey.Net
November 20, 2017: Write by Day, Publish by Moonlight
    -  Review of DAY MOON by Brett Armstrong
    -  How to Get a Publisher (Possibly)
    -  Author Spotlight: Connie Lacy
November 13, 2017: The Impending 2018 Novel of the Year...
    -  Is Your Book Eligible for the Novel of the Year?
    -  4 Stars: Review of TELL ME A STORY by Tamara Lush
November 6, 2017: A Sweltering Publishing Industry
    -  Patreon Offers Serialization For Indie Writers
    -  Author Spotlight: Phillip Vega
October 30, 2017: Monsters and Mayhem
    -  Review of Monstrous by J.L. Murray
    -  Our Preoccupation with Violence and Horror, and Why It’s Okay
October 23, 2017: Super Editing
    -  Review of SuperGuy by Kurt Clopton
    -  Line Editing 101 or Proof I am a Masochist
October 9, 2017: The Insider's Insight
    -  Review of INSIDE MOVES by Walter Danley
October 2, 2017: After the Pitch Perfect Pick Battle
September 18, 2017: A Virtual UBR Meet and Greet
    -  3 Stars – Review of WATER by Emory Gale
    -  Blue Crow Publishing: A Small Press with Big Plans
    -  SHELFIES: J.F.R. Coates of Jaffa Books
    -  Author Spotlight: Brandon Davis Jennings
September 11, 2017: An Intoxic Experiment
    -  Review of The Wolfe Experiment by R W Adams
September 4, 2017: Take Apart Cynicism
    -  4.5 Stars – Review of TAKE YOU APART by T. J. Spade
    -  Writer Vs Cynicism
August 28, 2017: Funding Entropy
    -  Review of ENTROPY by Joshua Edward Smith
    -  Go Fund Yourself
August 21, 2017: Don't Harp on Collaboration
    -  Review of Blues Harp Green by Nicole Schubert
    -  On Collaboration…
August 7, 2017: Woven Worlds
    -  Top Pick! Review of NYX by D. M. Livingston
    -  SHELFIES: Sarena Ulibarri of World Weaver Press
July 24, 2017: Yes, Pity and Anger Exist
    -  Review of The Existence of Pity by Jeannie Zokan
    -  Interview with Jeannie Zokan
    -  Don’t Get Mad. (Seriously, don’t)
    -  Author Spotlight: Brett Armstrong
July 17, 2017: It's Gravy, Baby
    -  Review of Gravy In The Pie by J. H. HAYES
July 3, 2017: The Blood of the Market
    -  Review of Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Reclamations by Deb Dorchak
    -  Review of Elkmont by Joey Ledford
    -  Writing to Market- Should You?
June 19, 2017: Three Reviews and One Top Pick!
    -  Review of REVERIE by Lauren E. Rico
    -  SHELFIES: Jesse Dedman of Deadman’s Tome & Horror
    -  Review of A FLASH OF RED by Sarah K. Stevens
    -  Review of RISE OF THE STORM BRINGER by Ken Lange
June 12, 2017: A Short, Dark Issue
    -  Review of Dark Sonata by F.R. Black
June 5, 2017: Don't Wait for New Stages
    -  Review of Wait! by Stacey Nash
    -  The Ever Expanding Stage…
    -  The New Pitch Perfect Pick System
May 28, 2017: Shards and Miller Time
    -  Review of Shards by James V. Viscosi
    -  It’s All Been Done, But That’s Okay
May 22, 2017: Beware The Enemies of Forgotten Rebels
    -  Review of REBEL VAMPIRES VOLUME 2: BLOOD SHACKLES by Rosemary A Johns
    -  Review of THE ENEMY WITHIN by Scott Burns
    -  Review of THE FORGOTTEN: ATEN’S LAST QUEEN by J. Lynn Else
    -  Beware of Know-It-Alls: Writing Advice and What It’s Worth
May 15, 2017: This is Not The End
    -  Review of THE END by Justine Avery
    -  Review of THE LATINA PRESIDENT by Joe Rothstein
    -  SHELFIES: Joanne Merriam of Upper Rubber Boot
May 8, 2017: A Magical Assembly
May 1, 2017: Swim Closer, Children
    -  4.5 Star Review of TO SWIM BENEATH THE EARTH by Ginger Bensman
    -  Interview With Ginger Bensman
    -  3.5 Stars – Review of THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS (The Seekers Book 1) by David Litwack
    -  Come Closer, Snowflakes
    -  What is a Pitch Perfect Pick?
April 24, 2017: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!
    -  Review of 100 BY 100 by ML Kennedy
    -  Review of HARVEST OF EVIL by William Lehman
    -  Author Spotlight: J. Lynn Else
    -  Is 30 the New 60?
April 17, 2017: Four Reviews This Week!
    -  Review of THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER by Jim Nesbitt
    -  SHELFIES: Siri Paulson of Turtleduck Press
    -  Review of IMOGENE IN NEW ORLEANS by Hunter Murphy
    -  Review of ULTRAXENOPIA by M.A. Phipps
    -  Review of THE TREASON GAME by Viv Doyle
April 10, 2017: Public Information: Promote Your Book
    -  Review of Public Information by Rolf Margenau
    -  Basic Book Promotion on an Indie Budget
April 3, 2017: Take the Train to Work
    -  Review of THE SIX TRAIN TO WISCONSIN by Kourtney Heintz
    -  Talent Vs Hard Work
March 27, 2017: A Gratefully Dead Issue.
    -  Review of STANLEY MCCLOUD MUST DIE! by Adrian Baldwin
    -  Review of THE DEAD HAVE SECRETS by Owen Parr
    -  The Price of Free
March 20, 2017: A Howl-ing Good Issue!
    -  Review of BLOQ by Alan Jones
    -  SHELFIES: Thurston Howl of Thurston Howl Publications
March 13, 2017: Spring 4-Review Mega-Issue!
    -  Review of Star Winds at Dusk by Robert DeFrank
    -  Review of “The Year of Uh” by Jud Widing
    -  Review of THE EMPRESS OF VENTRA by Melissa E. Beckwith
    -  Review of HIDDEN DAWN by Elke Silvarain
    -  How to Kick-start Your Next Novel
March 6, 2017: Announcing Underground Book Reviews Novel of the Year!
    -  2017 Novel of the Year Results
    -  Review of 1,803 THINGS by Randy Horton
    -  Review of “How NOT To Be An American High School GIrl in the 70s” by Gail Spencer Choate
    -  The Seven Vital Virtues of Indie Author Success
February 27, 2017: Triple Review and Renee, too!
    -  Review of MARKET STREET CINEMA by Michele Machado
    -  Review of Beyond the Horizon (Beyond Saga Book 2) by Greg Spry
    -  Feeling a Little Empty?
February 20, 2017: Empathy, Weasels and A Book Review
February 13, 2017: A UBR Miller/Wetherell Double Feature Issue!
    -  Review of Kill’t Dead or Worse by Richard Hacker
    -  The War On Descriptive Writing
    -  Shyness and The Indie Author
    -  Underground Author Blogs with Talpa the Bookmole
    -  Meet UBR Co-Founder Brian L. Braden.
February 6, 2017: A Challenging Issue.
    -  Review of HEALING RUBY by Jennifer H. Westall
    -  Review of THE FOOL’S TRUTH by Loretta H. Marion
    -  Challenging Fiction by Renee Miller
January 30, 2017: Another Double-Review Issue!
    -  Review of Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman
    -  Review of Blood Dragons by Rosemary A. Johns
    -  Interview with Rosemary Johns
    -  A Few Moments with Talpa the Book Mole.
January 23, 2017: An Issue You Can Sink Your Teeth Into.
    -  Review of TEETH by Chele Cooke
    -  Don’t Forget to Vote for Novel of the Year!
    -  And Now A Word from UBR’s Official Spokesmodel.
January 16, 2017: A Killer Issue.
    -  Review of KILL SOMEONE by Luke Smitherd
    -  SHELFIES: Brian Kaufman of Dark Silo Press
January 9, 2017: Practice Word Policing
    -  TOP PICK! Review of STIM by Kevin Berry
    -  The Rise of the Word Police
    -  Practice What You Speak: 7 Tips for Dynamic Dialogue
January 2, 2017: A Second-Hand Guide to a Brand New Year.
December 26, 2016: A 5-Star New Year
    -  5 Stars! – THE RECITAL by Kyle V. Hiller
    -  Interview with Kyle V. Hiller
    -  A Message to the Writer, to be Opened January 1st.
December 19, 2016: On Vultures and Men
    -  3 Stars – Prenitia: The Fate of Vultures by Jessica O’Toole
    -  How to Write Like a Guy When You’re Not
December 12, 2016: Awaken the Magic
    -  TOP PICK! The Last Great American Magic by L.C. Fiore
    -  4 Stars – The Wanderer Awakens by Ken Lange
    -  Long or Short: All Sizes Matter
December 5, 2016: Get Reviewed. Now.
    -  Does Your Book Qualify for Assigned Reviews?
    -  Review of By Summer’s Last Twilight by Robert J. Stava
    -  Review of The Tenants of 7C by Alice Degan
November 28, 2016: The Bonds of Men
    -  Review of Johnny and Jamaal by K. M. Breakey
    -  Review of LOYALTIES by Deb Dorchak
    -  Interview with Deb Dorchak and Wendi Kelly
    -  Are you a REAL writer?
November 21, 2016: Give Thanks for A Momentous Issue
    -  Keeping Your Momentum During NaNoWriMo
    -  Review of THE PASSING OF TULEE MAIN by Peter S. Kelley – 4.5 Stars
    -  Review of THE LOST DREAMSTONE by Gary Val Tenuta – 4 Stars
    -  Review of SOUL RETRIEVERS by David Burton – 4 Stars
    -  Review of AGONY OF BEING ME by Victoria Valentine – 4 Stars
    -  Interview with Victoria Valentine
    -  Rule Breakers: Writing Rules You Should Break & A Few You Shouldn’t
November 14, 2016: The Perfect Dark Peak
    -  Review of RAVEN’S PEAK by Lincoln Cole – 4.5 Stars
    -  Review of DARKEST HOUR by Tony Russo – 4 Stars
    -  The Perfect Point of View
    -  Author Spotlight: Jim Meirose
November 7, 2016: On Honest Reviews
    -  Review of Lady Ruth Bromfield by Gordon Smith
    -  So You Want Me to Review Your Book
October 31, 2016: The Improbable Darkness
    -  Review of The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt
    -  Review of THE IMPROBABLE RISE OF PACO JONES by Dominic Carrillo – 4.5 Stars
    -  Interview with Dominic Carrillo
    -  Ask Me About My Genre Agenda
October 24, 2016: Introducing Our New Mascot
    -  Are You a Bookmole?
    -  Review of NO DOGS OR INDIANS by Lisa Hare
    -  Review of IN PASSING by JR Wirth
    -  Sure, You CAN Publish a Great Book, but SHOULD You?
    -  Author Spotlight: Steven Burgauer
October 10, 2016: Find A Dashing Style and an Amazing Voice
    -  Interview with Igor Ljubuncic: Author of THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DASHING PRINCE DIETRICH
    -  Style and Voice Part 1: What’s Your Writing Style?
September 19, 2016: Make it Right: Protect Your Book With a Good Cover
    -  Review of HALF: THE MAKERS by Natalie Wright
    -  Review of PROTECTOR by Elaine Gonzales
    -  They Will Judge Your Book by Its Cover
    -  Author Spotlight: Peter J Meehan
September 12, 2016: Anniversary Issue: 5 Years and Growing Stronger Together
September 5, 2016: Creating a Masterful Plot
    -  Review of The Enigmatologist by Ben Adams
    -  Interview With Ben Adams
    -  5 Tips for Creating Masterful Plot
August 29, 2016: Steve Wetherell: At the Molehills of Madness
    -  Review of The New Lease by John Stryder
    -  Branding: Hugh Howey, Pokemon Go and Weeding the Garden
August 15, 2016: Rise up and be Prolific
    -  Review of THE RISE OF NAZIL by Aaron-Michael Hall
    -  Want to Be Prolific? A How-To On Writing ALL THE WORDS
    -  Author Spotlight: Elle Boca
August 1, 2016: Send Ripples Through Your Audience
    -  Review of RIPPLES THROUGH TIME by Lincoln Cole
    -  6 Ways to Widen Your Audience
    -  Author Spotlight: Rolf Margenau
July 18, 2016: Don't Panic - The Golden Princess is Here!
July 11, 2016: Do You Qualify for the 2017 Novel of the Year?
July 4, 2016: Celebrate Independence With Un-Familiar Lights!
June 27, 2016: Dark Skies and Miller Time
    -  Review of Dark Sky by Joel Canfield
    -  Negative Reviews Are Good For You
    -  Author Spotlight: T.E. Scott
June 20, 2016: No More Bloody Guilt
    -  Review of Blood Moon by Angela Roquet
    -  Guilt: The Most Useless Emotion of All
    -  Author Spotlight: Quentin J. Parker
June 13, 2016: Read Like Nobody's Writing
    -  Review of The Tree of Mindala by Elle Jacklee
    -  Write Like Nobody’s Reading
    -  Author Spotlight: Barry Finlay
June 6, 2016: Introducing Our New Columnist - Lauren Faulkenberry
    -  Review of Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout by Michael Field
    -  4 Steps You Can’t Skip When Submitting Your Manuscript
    -  Interview With Robert Cowan
May 23, 2016: A Four Star Review and Social Media Advice
    -  Review of In Vitro Lottery by Ed Ryder
    -  You Hate Social Media? Really…
    -  Author Spotlight: D. B. Patterson
May 9, 2016: Holy Strings!
    -  Review of With Strings Attached by Frank Haggerty
    -  Interview with Frank Haggerty
    -  False Gods
May 2, 2016: Effective Writing
    -  Review of EZEMBE by Jeffrey L Morris
    -  7 Steps To An Effective Writing Group
    -  Author Spotlight: Veronica Purcell
April 11, 2016: Miller Time & A Top Pick!
    -  Review of My Life as a Sperm by William Darrah Whitaker
    -  Interview With William Darrah Whitaker
    -  The Dark Side of Publishing: Bullies
April 4, 2016: The Last of Katie Pryal
    -  Review of A Danger to God Himself by John Draper
    -  Author Spotlight: Lynette Hill
March 28, 2016: Writing Stress Always Lurks
    -  Review of Lurk by Adam Vine
    -  Future Stress (And How To Deal with It)
March 21, 2016: Killing Dreams and Getting Reviews
    -  Review of Dream Killer by Mike Baldwin
    -  What’s a Girl Gotta Do For a Review?
    -  Author Spotlight: Philip Brown
March 7, 2016: No Second Chances for James Bond
    -  Review of Second Chances by Lincoln Cole
    -  Launch Your Writing Career Like James Bond
    -  Author Spotlight: J.D. Cunegan
February 29, 2016: Leap Into a Five-Star Review!
    -  Review of The Color of Character by Glen Shuld
    -  The Difference Between Writing for Free and Being a Chump
    -  Author Spotlight: DAVID BULITT
February 22, 2016: Urban Fantasy and Crazy Writers
    -  Review of The Sixteen Burdens by David Khalaf
    -  Interview with David Khalaf
    -  The Myth of the Crazy Writer
    -  Author Spotlight: Adrian Baldwin
February 15, 2016: Gender Wars and Cupcakes
    -  Review of Codename Cupcake by Jillian Green DiGiacomo
    -  Gender Wars: Do Men and Women Write Differently?
    -  Meet UBR Co-Founder Brian L. Braden at Amelia Island Book Fest.
February 8, 2016: Magic and Miller Time
    -  Review of Stone and a Hard Place by R L King
    -  Three is a Magic Number: Using UBR to Find More Readers.
    -  Nothing Left to Write?
    -  Author Spotlight: Allen Brown
January 25, 2016: Minds and Mistresses
    -  Review of Developing Minds by Jonathan LaPoma
    -  The Writer’s Mistress
    -  Author Spotlight: Julie Starling
January 18, 2016: Tips on Comedy Writing and the First Top Pick of 2016!
    -  Review of Give Me Your Answer True by Suanne Laqueur – TOP PICK!
    -  Comedy Writing: Not as Easy as It Looks
January 11, 2016: Dystopia & Miller Time
    -  Review of Broken by Traci L. Slatton
    -  To Free or Not to Free
    -  Author Spotlight: Susan Moore Jordan
December 28, 2015: Beta Issue 24
    -  Review of Swan Deception by Gledé Browne Kabongo
December 21, 2015: Beta Issue 23
    -  Review of Rhidauna by Paul E. Horsman
    -  The Road to Top Pick Novel: Get Certified!
December 14, 2015: Beta Issue 22
    -  Review of The Devil’s Flower by Lisa Collicutt
November 30, 2015: Beta Issue 20
    -  Review of Fallen by Traci L. Slatton
    -  Interview with Traci L. Slatton by Yvonne Lieblein
November 23, 2015: Beta Issue 19
    -  Review of Taking on Water by David Rawding
    -  Interview with David Rawding
    -  It’s Time We Got Serious
November 16, 2015: Beta Issue 18
    -  Review of Between Lions and Lambs by N.T. McQueen
    -  Writing What You Know, the Journalism and Blogging Edition
    -  Author Spotlight: Jillian Green DiGiacomo
November 2, 2015: Beta Issue 16
    -  Review of Jet-Exposed (Kindle Worlds Novella) by LYNDA FILLER
    -  So You Want to Quit…
October 26, 2015: Beta Issue 15
    -  Review of Paladin by Sally Slater
    -  The No-Fail Author Newsletter Formula
October 19, 2015: Beta Issue 14
    -  Review of People Like Us by Deng Zichao
October 12, 2015: Beta Issue 13
No items found
September 28, 2015: Beta Issue 11
    -  Review of Long Live Grover Cleveland by Robert Klose
    -  Interview With Robert Klose
September 14, 2015: Beta Issue 9
    -  Review of The Witches of Armour Hill by Alyssa Cooper
    -  How To Commit Murder
September 7, 2015: Beta Issue 8
    -  Taking Risks

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