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April 2, 2018

Interview with Monty Johnston

by Amy R. Biddle            

In the world of writing, we spend a lot of time talking about the mapping of plot, our audience, and the marketability of topics and themes. But what about the simple art of writing? The passion that makes us put words on paper. The editor of Underground Book Reviews takes an afternoon to talk to a local self-published author in Lexington, Virginia, and comes away with a new take on the art of writing.

2 stars: Review of THE GHOST OF TOM MIX by Michael Sprankle

by Sandra Ruttan       Reviewer Rating: 2 Stars      

In a curious way, the book may be more about how Hollywood breaks people than anything else. Underscoring all the stories of tragedy that emerge throughout the book is the simple truth that Hollywood is a place where people lose themselves – through ruined careers, ruined relationships, drugs or unforeseen circumstances.


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