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The third novel in the Entanglement Series is a go, and the cover reveal happened just last week—so now I can share the cover with my Underground people!

Kathryn Craft, author of The Far End of Happy and The Art of Falling says this about Chasing Chaos:

Pryal pierces LA’s film industry veneer to find complex and relatable characters and then winches the ties between them, pulling the reader right into the fray. The result is as psychologically astute as it is engaging.

I was pretty psyched that an author I admire as much as I do Kathryn had such nice things to say about my new novel.

From the back cover of Chasing Chaos:

Daphne Saito, a beautiful and talented Hollywood screenwriter, might look like she has the perfect life, but on the inside she’s lost. She’s wandered from one meaningless relationship to the next—and now, just as she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend Dan—she finds herself facing someone new, someone she could fall in love with. But Daphne, still traumatized by an accident involving her best friend, Greta, five years earlier, is afraid to love. Harm has always come to those close to her.

Over four life-changing days, Daphne lets her guard down and steps toward this new love. But trouble is never far behind. Dan, angry at Daphne’s departure, has targeted an innocent young woman, someone close to Daphne’s new love, as part of a plan for revenge. And an enigmatic woman from Daphne’s past returns with revenge plans of her own. Danger is on the horizon for all of Daphne’s friends—and for her.

To celebrate the Chasing Chaos cover reveal, my publisher (the boutique Velvet Morning Press) is running a price break special on the first novel in the series, Entanglement. Today, February 1, is the final day to pick up the ebook for only 99 cents.

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