Bad Daughters

June 25, 2018

Review of The Fisherman’s Daughter by Robin Barefield

by Sandra Ruttan       Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars      

I finished this book and was happy to do so. I wanted to read to the end. I was reading early in the morning and late at night. What I see here is an author that has tremendous potential. Whether that potential is fully realized will depend on how well the author receives constructive feedback. It was very hard to decide how to rank this book because I really feel that this is an author who, in a book or two, could be amazing with the right developmental editing. The issues may deter some readers but I feel like, with the right guidance, this is an author to watch.

Bad Behavior

by Renee Miller            

Social media is hard. So is marketing. Using the former to do the latter is like jumping into a rabbit hole for some of us. We want readers to see us as professionals, but we also want to be accessible. Cool even. We want publishers to be impressed by us too. All it takes is a single misstep and we’ve alienated both.

SHELFIES: The 2018 Bisexual Book Awards!

by Bill Kieffer            

As you know, every once in a while I like to step out of the usual and break away from interviewing indie publishers. (they are shy and elusive creatures). Last year, I visited The Bisexual Book Award Presentation Ceremony and I interviewed Sheela Lambert, director of the Bi Writers Association who presents this annual event. This year, I am presenting three short interviews from the authors that I met at this year’s Bisexual Book Awards. It is June, after all, aka Pride Month. * Mary-Anne McAllum, author of Young Bisexual Women’s Experiences in Secondary Schools. Nominated for Best Non-Fiction. * Julene T Weaver, author of Truth Be Bold—Serenading Life & Death in the Age of AIDS, Winner of the Best Bi Poetry Book of 2017. * Kelly Jensen, author of Block and Strike, Nominated for Best Bisexual Romance of 2017


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Murphy’s Luck 2 by Benjamin Laskin
Refugees by R.A. Denny
A Well-Respected Man by David W. Berner
Juggling Kittens by Matt Coleman
Facing the Dragon by Philip Derrick

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