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Hello everyone, it’s Talpa again. I took last week off because of the Super Bowl. Honestly, I don’t really care for football, but I Iove parties, and the sports bar my boyfriend dragged me to had a ladies “all-you-can-drink” margarita special. I love margaritas, but I hated the next morning. I’m back this week and feeling better, with more author advice blogs and articles I’ve dug up from across the inter-webs. In fact, I didn’t have to go very far across the internet. Underground Book Reviews has 1000+ authors, and some of their blogs and articles are quite good…which brings me to an important point.

There is a lot more to Underground Book Reviews than just great reviews and books. We’re a gateway to blogs and articles from high-quality authors. You could browse Underground Book Reviews for hours, finding tips on writing, author resources, and enjoyable articles on many subjects. This week, Talpa brings you five members from the UBR Community of Authors. A few go back to our beginnings, and a few have come to us fairly recently. However, all of them write excellent blogs of interest to readers and indie authors.

Let’s start by stepping into the “way-back” machine and return to 2012 and UBR’s original website. That’s when we discovered a comedy and fantasy author name Robert Bevan and his CAVERNS AND CREATURES series. Since then Robert has become an indie powerhouse. His flagship book, CRITICAL FAILURES, has 536 reviews and is currently #14 in Kindle’s comedy rankings. He also pens a fantastic writers’ blog, and this week he discusses how writers can maximize their author Facebook pages.

UBR Certified Author Sally Slater’s “Top Pick” novel PALADIN has been an indie sensation since it won UBR’s “Top Pick” award in 2015. (315 reviews and currently #31 on Kindle’s Teen Lit Women’s Fiction List). In this latest installment of her blog, Sally offers some book publishing tips from a woman’s perspective.

You know all those marketing connections we ask you to put on your book submission form? Well, we look at them. That’s how we discovered that Sarah K. Stephens has a Doctorate in Developmental Psychology and blogs and writes articles. Sarah comes to us from the indie publishing house Pandamoon and recently submitted her novel A FLASH OF RED. Many indie writers like Sarah have other professions which are not writing related, but can be excellent sources of material for other writers. We’re excited when we discover them.

Sometimes the author blogs about ideas, other than writing, which are most interesting. UBR Certified Author Greg Jameson, author of THE DIOGENES CASES, covers the peculiar phenomenon of how society treats celebrity death, especially in our internet driven age.

Finally, we can’t talk about blogs unless we mention our very own Chantelle Atkins. When not penning books like THE MESS OF ME, writing articles for various writing websites, or reviewing for UBR, she writes an excellent blog called “The Glorious Outsiders.” This week she’s talking about the challenges of changing character perspective.

It’s been great chatting with you, but time for me to go. I’ve got books to read and webs to surf. Until next time, Ta from Talpa.


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