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April 17, 2017

Review of THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER by Jim Nesbitt

by Anita Lock       Selected as a Top Pick!      

The Right Wrong Number is filled with the latest and greatest of Nesbitt’s Quentin-Tarantino wit mixed with everything gory, despicable, irreverent, and plenty of sex. Indeed, a great combination of mystery and a plain laugh-out-loud read—guaranteed to be a favorite for noir enthusiasts.

SHELFIES: Siri Paulson of Turtleduck Press

by Bill Kieffer            

Turtleduck Press grew out of a small online writers’ community. Several of us were ready to start publishing, wanted to go the indie route, and decided to band together to pool our skills, marketing power, and resources. Our mandate has always been out-of-the-box works. We started with a broader mix of genres – including poetry chapbooks and novellas – and later sharpened our focus to SF&F romance. We launched in November 2010 with three books: Knight Errant by KD Sarge (gay science fiction romance), Hidden Worlds by Kit Campbell (a short YA fantasy novel), and Life as a Moving Target by Erin Zarro (a poetry chapbook about living with chronic illness).

Review of IMOGENE IN NEW ORLEANS by Hunter Murphy

by Amanda McSweeney       Reviewer Rating: 3 Stars      

Imogene Deal McGregor intends to have a real New Orleans vacation and she is not about to let murder get in the way of her plans. In Imogene in New Orleans, the feisty Imogene, her son, her son’s partner, and their English Bulldog travel to New Orleans to visit friends. But as soon as they arrive one of their friends is found murdered in his art studio. Since the local police don’t seem interested in solving the case, it’s up to Imogene and the boys to bring the killer to justice. As they wind their way through the various criminals and connections, Imogene also finds time to enjoy the city.

Review of ULTRAXENOPIA by M.A. Phipps

by Katie French       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

Don’t stand out. Blend in. Remain invisible. These are the rules Wynter Reeves lives by. Her society is a future one similar to the future in the Hunger Games, as far as I can tell, that divides people into zones and controls them with severe rules and government control.

Review of THE TREASON GAME by Viv Doyle

by Kate Ashley       Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars      

The Treason Game will appeal to gaming fans as well as those who like reading a light and enjoyable New Adult coming-of-age story. However, if you want mystery identities to have that shocking big reveal, you may be disappointed.


Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

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The After War by Brandon Zenner

Two cousins are leaving the protection of their underground bunker, after a cataclysmic war and unrelenting disease ravaged the earth. On the other side of North America, a young survivalist is leaving the seclusion of his cabin in the woods.

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SuperGuy by Kurt Clopton
PIGMENT by Renee Topper
Spoonful Chronicles by Elen Ghulam

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