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| 4 stars: Review of GOD’S FORSAKEN by David Brevik | 3.5 stars: Review of ALTERNI by Sunshine Somerville | Review of STORM OF ARRANON by Robynn E Sheahan. | 4 Stars: Review of Rapture by Alex P. Wu | Review of RED EARTH by Joel Canfield | 2.5 stars: Review of WHEN A STRANGER COMES by Karen S. Bell | Top Pick! Review of ESME’S WISH by Elizabeth Foster | 2 stars: Review of SNOW by Mikayla Elliot | 5 STAR REVIEW: The Book of Ralph by Christopher Steinsvold | Review of TO ENTER THE PATH by Stephanie Flores | 4 stars: Review of YOU, ME AND US by Liam Hurley | 2.5 stars: Review of MYSTIC PRINCESS by Kelli Marie | 4 stars: Review of KEEPING CLAUDIA by Suzanne McKenna | Review of DAY MOON by Brett Armstrong | Review of The Wolfe Experiment by R W Adams | Review of Blues Harp Green by Nicole Schubert | Review of THE FORGOTTEN: ATEN’S LAST QUEEN by J. Lynn Else | Review of THE TREASON GAME by Viv Doyle | Review of HIDDEN DAWN by Elke Silvarain | Review of NOT EVERY GIRL by Jane McGarry

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