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| Review of REVERIE by Lauren E. Rico | Review of THE DEAD HAVE SECRETS by Owen Parr | Review of The Tenants of 7C by Alice Degan | Review of Johnny and Jamaal by K. M. Breakey | Review of THE PASSING OF TULEE MAIN by Peter S. Kelley – 4.5 Stars | Review of The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt | Review of NO DOGS OR INDIANS by Lisa Hare | Top Pick! Review of The Last Second Chance by Jim Nesbitt | Review of You Are My Song by Susan Moore Jordan | Review of HALF: THE MAKERS by Natalie Wright | Review of Delivering Virtue by Brian Kindall | Review of RIPPLES THROUGH TIME by Lincoln Cole | Review of EPIPHANY MAN by D. B. Patterson | Review of A Danger to God Himself by John Draper | Review of The Color of Character by Glen Shuld | Review of Eli’s Heart by Susan Moore Jordan

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