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May 21, 2018

4 stars: Review of GUARDIAN ANGEL by Anne Rouen

by Melody Delgado       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

Those who like plot driven suspense novels that cover many years, include a number of characters in the plot, or readers of sweet historical romance, will enjoy this story. It is reminiscent of THE SOUND OF MUSIC in that it is a story of a musical family who must interrupt their lives in order to deal with the war and also contains a love story as a subplot. This story is not for those who enjoy character driven novels, as one of the weaknesses was character development. The story was told from multiple points of view so it was difficult to know who to root for. There was also a bit of confusion in the first few chapters because the point of view changed so often. Once the novel was in full swing, a few chapters in, it was easy to see where the story was headed and the story line and characters were easier to keep track of.

Top Pick! Review of ESME’S WISH by Elizabeth Foster

by Kate Ashley       Selected as a Top Pick!      

For fans of “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Harry Potter”, you will find something enjoyable to read in this book…this is a more heartwarming and whimsical story young fantasy readers will surely love.

SHELFIES: Brett Brooks of Pandahead Publishing

by Bill Kieffer            

Our company went through the same thing that almost every gaming company that started up in the early 200’s went through: the industry died. It was almost overnight, but the role-playing game industry had a huge collapse, and it damn near took us with it. We were lucky in that Xcrawl and our second game, Meddling Kids, had both been successful, so we were able to weather it—sort of. We changed from a publishing company to a design company, and did our best to work through things, but we could never shake the publishing bug. So, in 2010 we went back and started publishing fiction. And now we’re even back to publishing games again.


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