Happy Novel of the New Year!

January 1, 2018

It’s On! Vote for the 2018 Novel of the Year

by Amy R. Biddle            

This year we have had well over 300 books submitted to Underground book Reviews. Our goal is to find great independent literature, but with that many submissions, the task is daunting. As we agonize over the final choice Novel of the Year: Editor’s Choice, we are ultimately in search of finding the book that is larger than the box it has been placed in. In order to do so, we put aside our own genre preferences and ask ourselves what the reviewer thought made it so special. Meanwhile, you, dear readers, are in charge of finding our Novel of the Year: Reader’s Choice.

4.5 stars: Review of LIGHT DAWNING by Ty Arthur

by Steve Wetherell       Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars      

Light Dawning doesn’t shy away from the grotesque, but I assure you there’s no gore porn fainting-couch shockers here. Ty Arthur uses blunt and graphic imagery in service of crafting his harsh world and immersing you in it. Light Dawning is no horror wannabe, it’s solid fantasy, just painted with a more serious and sombre pallet than many are used to.


Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

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Marlowe Kana (Volume 1) by Joe Peacock

Pitch Perfect Finalists

Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe by Robin Merrill
Blind Tribute by Mari Christie
Execution of Justice by Patrick Dent
The Book of Ralph by Christopher Steinsvold
Fallen City by Frank Zafiro

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